African hair products

The specific needs and texture of black hair

Not all hair types and textures can use the same products and receive the same results and this was made evident long ago with the rise of companies producing African hair products. Women, men and children of colour have time and time again complained that hair products that were on the market made no significant difference to their hair type as the products that existed was not made with them in mind. Persons of African descent or African Americans have longed for a product that catered to the specific needs and texture of black hair. After understanding the difference in hair care needs for people of colour, there was the need to create products that suits the need of African American hair.

African hair care with moisture lock technology

African hairs products since the last three decades have realised the diversity in hair textures and have formulated products that are specific to people of colour to buy. It is said people of African descent have the driest, curliest and fragile hair, which makes it prone to damage and breakage from chemicals that are not specific to providing moisture. Since then several companies have developed products for people of colour, they have now provided a complete line of African hair products to create certain hair styles. From shampoo, conditioners, relaxers, braids and treatments the list goes on. African products are formulated with moisture lock technology to ensure that breakage and hair lost does not occur as these are the major problems with non African specific products.

African Pride has been a noted brand leader in manufacturing African hair products. They offer a full line of products for women of colour and a children’s line that makes relaxers, treatments shampoo and conditioners and other products for hair. African Pride has identified the common factors that affects women of colour and created products to either prevent of control these conditions. African hair products uses natural ingredients such a plant based extracts and many have included olive oil and Shea butter.

Organic shampoos and conditioners for a curly hairstyle

The common mistake made by African American s is to use products that contain harsh chemicals on their hair. Relaxers and some other regular products are formulated with chemicals that are dangerous to our health. Many of the products contain parabens which have been said to contain agents that can cause cancer along with sulfates and alcohols that dries and damages hair. There are manufactures that have been able to use only natural plant products to make hair care products that are friendlier omitting the use of harsh chemicals. There are relaxers, shampoos, conditioners that are all 100% plant based which is safer than the chemicals used in manufacturing some products. Some persons opt to remain natural and use braiding as a means to style their hair but still uses African hair care products. Be carefull with black hair growth products as few have an actual effect on hairgrowth. Just treat your hair with the right products as healthy hair generally grows faster.

Other companies have also joined the platform of natural hair products and have been manufacturing products that are natural products like the Naturalaxer the ingredients are natural and contain no paraben or any other chemical. There are a number of products on the market that utilizes natural formulas for making African hair products.