Black hair growth products

Moisture is the secret

The secret to hair growth is moisture, and most African Americans tend to suffer from dry brittle hair making breakage a major issue. However the ability to grow one’s hair lies in the products that are used whether the infuse moisture or they dry out the hair. Many products have been said to make hair extremely dry, this will prevent hair growth especially in women of colour. Hair care products that are moisture rich that contains certain essential oils and protein are excellent black hair growth products.

There are many products that are available in different brands but the baseline is the form in which they come. Hair growth products are available in shampoo, conditioner, creams, lotions, oils and vitamins or even organic products have proven to be effective for a woman of colour.

Shampoo, conditioners and other African hair products

Shampoo and conditioners are the most common products that are available for hair growth. These shampoo and conditioner contains a combination of herbal oils and herbal extracts that help cleans the hair and scalp which is enriched with ingredients that provides moisture. Especially leave in conditioners that moistens detangles and protect hair, making it grow fast. When buying shampoo African American women should avoid sulfate based shampoo as sulfates can leave black hair very dry.

Hair growing products

Black hair growth products are made in the form of creams and lotions. As we have identified the forms are standard it is the ingredients that are used that makes the difference. Many of the popular black hair growth products contain protein, herbal extracts and aloe vera. These are normally applied to the scalp to help stimulate growth.

Oils are another common hair growth product on the on the market. The ingredients used such as castor oil coconut oil, olive oil, calcium and phosphorus are said to make hair stronger and more resistant to breakage. The ingredients are of natural components making it healthy for hair growth.

Organic based products are natural and can be used in any type hair as the use mainly food based ingredients that are said to detoxify the blood and increase blood circulation which helps to stimulate hair growth and nourish the hair. These products come in the same forms as other pharmaceutical manufactured products like cream, shampoo, conditioner and oil. Organics operates on the mantra that if the hair is well fed and nourished properly it will grow faster.

Health hair grows faster

Vitamins are emerging as one of the best hair growth product as they are non chemical base. These multivitamins contains ingredients such as Vitamin B3 which improves scalp circulation, Magnesium that helps hair growth when use with calcium and Vitamin B5 which prevents hair loss making them essential in promoting hair growth.

It is crucial however, to bear in mind that although we may use these black hair growth products that the human aspect is a contributing factor.  The total care of the hair also has to do with how we feed our bodies and this should not to be ignored.  Hair growth is connected to our immune system make our physical and medical condition and contributing factor to hair growth.

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