Kevin Murphy hair products

Whether your hair is thin, coloured, and curly and course or just looking for professional hair care product in a bottle without the salon cost? Kevin Murphy hair products is a name that resonates with movie stars and super models he is ranked as one of Australia’s best hair care professionals. All his products are created by him and sit on the premise of being weightless. His products have become the standard in natural hair products for African Americans.

Your own full service beauty salon

Kevin Murphy hair products are can be considered a full service beauty salon as his line of products  are extensive and carries just about everything a stylist would need to take care of your hair. His hair care products include treatments, shampoos, and conditioners, styling and lightening products. His line is patented as it contains all natural ingredients and is said to be paraben free, having no preservatives and it is made up of essential oils and amino acids that is good for hair care. His products are designed specific, as each works based on different types and textures of hair.

The prefect formula for fine, dry and brittle hair

This luxury line of products caters to just about every type of hair and provides a product that is specific to the needs of that hair type or condition. The most popular and newest Kevin Murphy hair products on the selves today  the Angel Wash and rinse for fine coloured hair is a the prefect low foam formula for fine dry and brittle hair as it is design to clean without damaging the hair. The rinse acts as a moisturizing conditioner that is made of fruit extracts that replenishes the hair making it ready for styling.

Another high demand product is the Murphy’s born again shampoos and leave in treatments, the Kevin Murphy leave in protection shield and the young again line of products. The reviews are great and the product is worth the price.

The colour bug it the latest and most sort after of the Kevin Murphy hair products on the market. It is a wipe on colour that is rubbed on to the hair that changed hair colour in seconds; it is easy to wash out off and leaves no stick mess behind. This line of products is extensive making it easy for consumers to find a heat protector, shampoo, masque, leave in treatment or even a hair brush.

Kevin Murphy’s hair products come in two sizes

His products are manufactured in two sizes. The first size in standard a wash the Australian for shampoo is 8.4 oz and the second size is 33.8 oz. They are sold in unique design bottles which does not conform to the usual looks of regular shampoos and conditioners so be carefully you miss it. The cost of these hair care products ranges from 28 to 90 dollars depending on the size of the container and the product type.

If you’re running a business you will like their extensive line of wholesale black hair products.

Finding a discount on Kevin Murphy hair products is rare and can only be expected when he introduces a new product line, this is the best time to buy and take advantage of savings as they are not relatively cheap. The only other means of getting any form of concession is when there is a try me special that gives a special price on samples.