Sulphate Free Shampoo Brands

Is it Sulphate or Sulfate free shampoo brands?

Sulphate Free Shampoo BrandsWell it seemd both ways are correct, sulphate and sulfate. Even tho in the USA Sulfate is used. So we use both ways, and mix it up a bit. Knowledgeable people today are using sulphate free shampoo brands to protect their health. Discover ahead how sulfate is harmful to your health, and prevents your hair from looking its radiant best. Several excellent brands will be suggested in this article, also.

Shampoo brands that protect you and your hair

Manufactured chemicals today are polluting the precious environment, and affecting your health. You’re consuming unneeded chemicals in your food and drink daily, as well as absorbing them through your skin. One such chemical is Sulfates, which is absorbed through your skin when washing your hair with it. It then settles in your liver, where it can copy the effect of estrogen in your body. This will throw your body out-of-balance, which will eventually be detrimental to your well-being. Using a Sulphate free shampoo brand is a good choice for your health.

Sulfates are surfactants, meaning simply sudsing agents. Reportedly, surfactants are hard on the environment, and are found in soaps, and until now, many shampoos.

How you can find sulfate free shampoo brands

Read the label on the back of the bottle. Any chemical name containing the word “sulfate” means it is toxic to you. They are at low levels, but still irritate your scalp, and cause other problems. One chemical that is common in many shampoos is sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).  Be certain to read the entire label.

Look for organic or natural products at your local drugstores. An organic shampoo will probably be among sulphate free shampoo brands, and contain beneficial ingredients such as protein. However, still read the label on the back of the shampoo. There are a few organic shampoos that are not sulphate free shampoo brands. Be sure to compare brands for one that is right for you.

Check out your nearby health food store. Organic retailers like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s make their own sulfate free shampoo brands, and carry other shampoos, also, that are sulfate free shampoo brands.

Ask the hair dresser at a nearby hair salon for shampoos that are not only sulfate free shampoo brands, but are PH balanced, and appropriate for your personal hair style and texture. If you have black hair, it’s going to be thicker, with thicker hair shafts, than if you have blond hair, for example.  S/he will have expert knowledge about a sulfate free shampoo that is right for your skin, whether dry or oily, also.

Go to internet sites that can give you valuable information about a wide variety of sulfate free shampoo brands. Sites, such as will give you the ingredients for each brand of shampoo. There are also health care professionals who have websites with comprehensive lists of sulfate-free products. One such site is Killer Strands Blog online.

List of sulfate free shampoo brands recommended with the price

  • Balance Enriching Shampoo –  Adds volume and body to your hair, for $14
  • Nourish Dry Shampoo- If you have oily hair, and no time to shampoo it’s perfect, for $15
  • Balance Hydrating Shampoo- With vitamins for hydrated strong hair, for $14
  • DermOrganic Conditioning  Shampoo – Repairs damaged hair with shampoo and conditioner, and makes it shine, for $16
  • SFree Moisture Shampoo –  Gentle on your scalp and hair, while giving it body and shine, for $20
  • AG Color Saving Shampoo – It eliminates color-damaging free radicals, prolonging your hair color, for $20

Until recently all shampoos contained sulfate, which is absorbed through your body, all the way to your liver.  Your body’s endocrine system can be through your body processes out of balance by this. There are sulphate free shampoo brands available for you from several sources, which are beneficial to the luster of your hair and your health.