Totes Slippers

Totes SlippersSlippers are popular alternatives for shoes today since these are make our feet relaxed and warm on a cold day. These come in different variations and some are made specifically for outdoor or home use. However, not all slippers are much fashionable, comfortable and long-lasting as the others. So also be careful when buying such. Totes slippers are widely known in the world today. They are leading in the production of slippers for every member of the family. There are Totes Mens slippers for dad, Totes Women’s slippers for mom and of course, Totes Kids slippers for the children.

It is not surprising anymore why Totes is leading the race. It is because the quality of their products is superior and the designs are a perfect match for home wear, as well as for outdoor and travelling. They’re not business shoes or even slightly useful for practising your latest ballet moves, they are however seriously comfortable and definitely the footwear of choice after a days hard work.

But their quality doesn’t stop at the comfort. Totes Isotoner slippers are also a much safer type of footwear for inside the house. We all know those horror stories of people slipping in the stairs because their socks have literally no grip at all. This problem does not exist on these slippers as each is finished with a non slip rubber sole making sliding virtually impossible.

Totes Slipper Styles

Totes Isotoner slippers come in a wide variety of styles. If you like the classic one, you can choose the cotton terry. It is made up of soft looped cotton which is as soft as a plushie.

Another style you can choose for indoor use is suede. The cotton linings of such slippers are made of satin. These are soft and very comfortable to wear.

Outdoor and travel slippers usually have durable leather soles. It is more efficient than other materials since leather is also waterproof.

Totes slippers styles also have clog or slip on designs. Boater styles of Totes mens slippers can be used for both indoors and outdoors, especially if one is sporting a casual look. Its soles are made up of rubber while the other parts are made of suede.

Totes also have bath slippers which are also available in clog and slip on styles.

Totes Slippers for Kids

Totes Slippers for Kids also come in slippers socks form. These are available in different designs including their favorite animals, flowers and colors.

Kids love these slipper socks not just because of the designs but also because of the comfortable and light feeling it gives which make it easier for them to roam around and jump as long as they want.

Totes slippers for kids can be knee-high, but if your kids prefer lower ones, they can use those which are only up to the ankle.

Totes Womens Slippers

Totes Womens Slippers are also popular to many women around the world. The most popular of which are the ballerina slippers which are very soft. However, these are made up of different materials. Some are made up of satin, while others are made up of terry cloth.

The “Pillow Step” is also a popular design of Totes Womens Slippers which is also as soft as cotton but is also very efficient like other products of Totes.

Totes Isotoner Slippers for men

Totes Mens Slippers are also durable and very suitable for men’s feet which are usually larger than those of women’s. The most popular Totes Mens Slippers are the boaters and Deck Moccasins.

Boaters are just like loafers. Deck Moccasins has both indoor and outdoor soles. Both of these are made of suede and very versatile for whatever occasion you need to go to.

Totes Isotoner slippers are definitely a must have. Aside from the great original quality, it is also comes in a cheap price – fits exactly to one’s feet and, of course, budget. What an alternative!

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself to the nearest shop or Totes outlet or, if you prefer the comfort of your own chair, do a Google search and see what deals your can find online. There are always great deals on offer so maybe you’ll walk away with a pair of dearfoam slippers for women or even the more ergonomically approved slippers with arch support. But nonetheless, you should get yourself a pair of toasties to keep your feet nicely warm and comfortable for the winter. Now go get some Totes slippers for yourself.