After A Spray Tan

After A Spray TanTo keep that golden tan as long as possible after a spray tan there are several requirements to follow. You must begin following them the moment when you’re done with a spray tan. The technician should tell you that your spray tan is delicate until dry. One important tip, then, is to not shower or go swimming for several hours after the spray tanning session.


It is imperative to completely exfoliate your skin before spray tanning. Exfoliating is essential for the removal of the dead skin. Skin that is thoroughly exfoliated will give more time for the “fresher” skin to grow. It will take longer for your tan, therefore, to wear off.  After the spray tan from an airbrush at a booth or spa, a tanning product such as Spray Tan Gold Coast will last much longer, and be more even than a do-it-yourself spray tanning session at home.

Dry before getting dressed

Once the spray is completely dry, dress in only loose, dark attire. Otherwise the tan will come off.  It’s better to wear dark clothing because the bronzer in the solution could rub onto your clothes with a brown stain.  This is one time when it’s better to not wear undergarments, such as briefs or a bra. For sure, wear no tight clothing for several hours after a spray tan.

Water will ruin it the first hour

That first hour after a spray tan is important, simply because that is when the tan develops the most.  Remember, water will ruin it, so absolutely avoid rain, and even sweating, the first hour. Do any quiet activity that first hour involving little exertion, such as sitting and reading, surfing the internet online, or watching a movie.

Wait several hours to shower after a spray tan

Wait several hours for your first shower after spray tanning.  Don’t be alarmed to see brown in the water after it hits you. It is only the bronzer, and the real tan will already be on your skin.  There will be no removal of that tan from water or sweat after that four hour period. However, pat your skin dry to maintain that tan; avoid the usual rubbing your body dray.

Use a moisturizer after a spray tanning to maintain the tan

You should have a clean body before a spray tan session is taken. A shower like 2 hours before you start tanning will give you  better results afterwards. Use a moisturizer after a tan session to maintain the tan at least when you get up in the morning and when you go to bed.

Stay out of the sun because this is will not be a natural tan.  The sun will still burn you as if you were still snow white because after a spray tan you still will have you sun-conditioned with sun-protective melanin brought to the surface, as will happen with sun tanning ordinarily.  Follow the above simple steps for before and after a spray tan. This care will keep your smooth golden tan for many days.

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