Before A Spray Tan

Before A Spray TanDeciding to spray tan can be exciting, but if you want a long lasting and even tan, preparing your skin before a spray tan is essential. Spray tanning is an easy great process that will leave you looking tan and beautiful any time of the year that you apply it or have someone else apply it. The problem can come in the fact that many people do not understand the ways that your spray tan can wear off prematurely. Many factors can cause early fading, shallow layers of tan, and streaks. Knowing just what to do before tanning will help you achieve the look you desire and keep that look much longer. Becoming well informed before you become a spray tan client can help you bypass disappointment and aggravation when tanning.

Factors that will cause incomplete or less than desired spray tanning results

  • Dead skin build up can wear off and cause your tan to rub off.
  • Using oily products can be a barrier between the tanning products and your skin.
  • Deodorants, soaps, and lotions can also get in the way of your spray tanning.
  • Shaving/waxing right after tanning can cause a spotty look.
  • The hours after tanning you can use a lotion to make it more comfortable, but it is important to pick the right lotion otherwise you can loose a bit of the collor already.
  • You can wear anything before a spray tan session, but wearing tight clothing the hours after a spray tan is given can take some of the tanning product off you.

A few factors can ruin the spray tan before you can even enjoy it. A few types of lotions and creams will not interfere with the tanning process, but finding, which one works, and which one does not, is not always easy. It is always best to be careful and you can ask about how to “care for skin” after your spray tan so that it will last, from the professional that applies the tan. If you are treating yourself, do some good, research that will give you the tips that you will need to care for your tan.

Things to do to your body before you spray tan that will help the tan to last much longer

Exfoliate this means to remove the old dead skin on your body by hand or chemical methods. Certain cloths, brushes, shells, or pumice stones can help you rub off the old skin. There are also chemical products that will remove the old skin.

Shave or wax before a spray tan session, do not wear deodorant, lotions or make up on the day of tanning. Do use a good deep moisturizer that is NOT oily or leaves any residue on your skin a few hours before your tan so your skin will hold the tanning product better. Ask questions for anything you are unsure of or become an informed customer through internet searches and guide books that are available. Your spray tan session will go much smoother if you know what to expect and what to do to prepare for it, you do not need to perform or something, but just follow the tips as described above and pick the best self tanning products for the best result.

Using spray tanning products or services that are the best they can be takes knowledge

You would not buy a car without knowing about it then why would anyone go into tanning without knowing the details of what works and what to avoid. Skin care is important and when you plan to add color to your skin, you do not want to make a mistake and have it look artificial and strange. If you plan on performing a spray tan on yourself make sure you have the best self-tanning products on the market so that your chances of having a great look are increased. If you are going to a professional for your spray tan then make sure they are reputable and have a lot of solid experience. Before a spray tan get the knowledge you need so that after your spray tan you are happy with your new look!

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