Best Self Tanning Products

Best Self Tanning ProductsIf you’re looking for a safe way to get that bronze tan without lying in UV rays from the sun or a tanning booth, it’s now possible with some of the best self tanning products today. Several will be mentioned here for cheap spray tans, yet they are quality. Gone is that orange color that always looked like a fake tan. Maintain the bronze beauty from a sunless tan lotion, or effective cheap spray tans from products that won’t cost you an “arm and a leg”. Read about these five best self tanning products recommended, and at a reasonable price here. Any one of these has fine reviews, and will keep you looking like you came from a vacation at the beach year-round.

L’Oreal Sublime Deep Natural Bronze self-tanning lotion

Below some facts about the L’oreal Sublime self-tanning lotion:

  • 5 fluid ounces (150 ml) for only $7.59
  • Dries and begins working quickly
  • Creates an even tan
  • Natural looking tan
  • Works well for your body and face

L’Oreal Sublime had a 4.1/5.0 rating from 132 reviews online and 84% of a survey said they would definitely recommend it to a friend.

Self tanning lotion by Replenish:

  • Top selling natural bronzer, with after tan moisturizers
  • Fast-acting bronzing agents to give you a quick tan while on the go

Replenish is one of the most popular, and best self tanning products in the United States.

Stay Dark tanning product

  • Stay Dark is one of the most powerful after tan extenders on the market
  • Stay Dark maintains that tan long after the tanning bed or the natural sun-bathing tan.
  • Stay Dark has a bronzer that is easily applied, and works as a moisturizer and self-tanner

SELF self tanner

  • Self is a “BIG HIT” all over the world
  • Self gives a natural-looking tan, without any orange appearance
  • Self is a lotion, needing no gloves or mitts to apply
  • Self is easy to apply, and keeps you tanned a long time

All That Shimmers

All That Shimmers will give your skin an advertised “California natural glow” that keeps your skin moist and healthy

  • Your tan from a tannin session will extend thanks to All That Shimmers
  • You will actually have a little shimmering sparkle added to enhance that tan

Best self tanning products for you

Whether it is a spray tan for men or women, or a lotion, it is a safe way to enhance your natural beauty.  Get that sunless quality tan, from the above products, or the cheap spray tans, such as Spray Tan Can.  It won’t look like a fake tan at all after using this product. There will be none of that orange color like from the products of years ago. You will have that bronze tan all year using any of these five products, or the Spray Tan Can spray tan.

Our opinion is that the L’oreal self tanning products seems to be the best, but the other products are good as well as long as you follow the self tanning instructions. So maybe there are more ‘best self tanning products’ out there. Well have a golden, sunny day, even in the winter months!