Best Spray Tan Machine

Acquire a good spray tan machine

Best Spray Tan MachineNaturally, you will need a spray tan machine if you intend to venture into the spray tanning industry. Acquiring the best spray tan machine is the toughest task yet. A delicate balance has to be struck regarding the cost of the spray tan machine and the required or desired quality. The very first option for the potential purchaser is to identify and consider his needs. A starter salon or a mobile tanner would most probably resort to a hand – held tanning unit. A high – traffic parlour on the other hand would be best served by one or more tanning booths. Spray tan machines and booths are expensive investments, but that is just about it.

After purchase, the machines are most likely bound to pay for themselves. Why? For one, no additional staff will be required to manage and run the spray tan machine.  All the client needs to do is watch the video tutorial on how to work the tanning machine, or read the instructions posted on the tanning machine itself. Self tanning also relieves the business owner of any liability in case of a mishap resulting from the customers’ end. Therefore, the only costs incurred are slight operational undertakings like cleaning the booths at the end of the business day, and counting the day’s earnings!

The best spray tan machine and application

Due to emerging innovations in spray tan equipment, the list of the best spray tan machines is bound to be a very long one. However, we will take a look at a few renowned brands and models of spray tan machines.  Tanners are encouraged to choose wisely.

The magic tan mini is a simple spray tan machine best suited for novice or beginner tanners.  It is surprisingly very light, weighing at about four kilograms only. It is a well – like tanning machine because it usually produces very little noise during operation. It produces less sound than a regular vacuum cleaner.  Its ease of operation makes the magic tan mini a well – liked spray tan machine by start – up tanners. Furthermore, they can easily regulate the flow of the solution and air pressure according to specific preference. Its one year warranty won’t hurt either! If it is still hard to purchase your own magic tan mini spray tan machine, there are some available for lease or hire.  Also, users get to pick from a wide range of colours.

The Eco Extraction Booth is probably the best spray tan machine available in the tanning market presently.  This booth is used to accompany a hand – held spray tan machine. In your parlour, the customers will need some privacy as they go about tanning their bodies. Using a professional looking booth such as the Eco Extraction Booth will most certainly earn you good customer feedback. The extraction mechanism effectively gets rid of the mist that appears as a result of the tanning process. The inner illumination allows the tanner to inspect the result of the sunless tanning process on their skin and rate performance.

Resultant costs from spray tan machines

Maintenance of spray tan equipment is very cheap, because it only entails cleaning the equipment after a tanning session. Another probable cost could be enrolling for a spray tan course and manicure and pedicure courses also.

So not only the quality of the machine but also the price will decide to make it the best spray tan machine or not. It is also possible to start with a second hand/used tan machine, but you should be careful with this. If this machine is used by a professional and busy tanning salon it is probably damaged, if you want to go for used one, you should only buy one from a end-user..