Cheap Spray Tans

Cheap Spray TansMore people than ever want a golden sunless tan. With the depletion of the ozone layer, and the higher incidence reported of skin cancer from too much sun exposure, it’s no wonder many people are using self-tanning products, and going to cheap spray tans. Some salons are looking to capitalize on this new market and looking for spray tan booths for sale. If you are interested in the best self tanning products, or looking to buy a tanning chamber, read on.

Best spray tanning chambers

If you are seeking a spray tanning chamber for economical spray tans, there is a wide range of types.

  • Unique features that you want for your tanning chamber:
  1. One that prevents overspray of the tan solution
  2. One with adequate light output
  3. One with vent fans with replaceable filters to clean the air after each tanning spray session
  4. One with plastic panels rather than metal for easier cleaning
  5. One that meets electric supply needs, such as 110V for the U.S.A.
  6. A type that is low maintenance to save business and money for repairs
  7. One with several types of mobile spray nozzles for the varied customer choices
  • Buy one with a warranty, especially if there is high usage of the tanning booth.

Top spray tanning chambers in the market for cheap spray tans

The two leading companies as the best self tanning products today are Magic Tan and Mystic Tan

  • Magic Tan’s Versa Spa has many exclusive features for $30,000
  1. Mist-free tanning
  2. Self-cleaning
  3. Quick dry tanning session
  4. Runs quietly
  5. Infra red heater so your skin will absorb the tan better
  • Mystic HD with its cutting edge technology for $30,000
  1. Airbrush technology to spray evenly on your skin
  2. Personal single use cartridge method
  3. Air vent fan and air cleaning system
  4. Audible instructions
  5. Automated rinse for convenience

Used Tanning booths on sale

There are many used spray tanning chambers on the market because of owner upgrades. You may be able to buy a $20,000 unit for only about $4,000 often. Some popular spray tanning booths for cheap spray tans are:

  • Mystic Tan MT3500 and MT3000, which have self-cleaning and an MP3 player, for about $4,000.
  • Mystic Tan MyMyst, which has a tiny chamber design for about $10,000.
  • Magiv Tan, which has many tanning mist choices and audible instructions for about $10,000.

Other quality product brands are to found online. It behooves you to shop around and compare. Certain brand names that are competitive I’m not permitted to use, so I recommend checking out a few sites. It may save you a bundle of money, and you’ll have a top quality and cheap spray tans chamber. This website will guide you to the right product and where to find the best price for each spray tan. There are way to many spray tans available these days which also means a lot of different qualities and prices.

You can also buy a spray booth machine from a manufacturer directly. Therefore, just like the fine used models, you can pass the saving in cost to the session charges to your clients. The used units mentioned are all top quality products, and will be reliable for many years for cheap spray tans. You can have that beautiful color year-round thanks to any of the afore-mentioned spray tanning booths.