Spray Tan Booths For Sale

Spray tan booths for commercial tanning

Spray Tan Booths For SaleIf you are seeking to kick – start the tanning business, a new spray tanning booth could just be the equipment you need. Spray tan booths for sale are available in a local lifestyle shop and regional resellers. Spray tan booths for sale vary in brand, type and price. Second hand spray tan booths for sale are also available.

Factors to consider when buying tanning booths

The market is flooded with a myriad of spray tan booths. It is sometimes a tricky affair to pick the booth that suits you the most, but once you nail down key prerequisites, choosing one should not be such an uphill task. It is important to understand that there are two types of spray tans; automatic and spray tan. Most tanning booths have almost the same tanning mechanism. Below are some important factors to take into account before going ahead with that purchase.

A potential buyer should analyze the special features offered by the spray tan booth for sale. A good spray tan booth should be well – lit, mitigate overspray, and have ample ventilation through fans. Removal filters are a must. The air has to be cleaned after a tan session and this is where the filters come in handy.

Buyers should also consider the material used to make the spray tan booth. Plastic panels are a better solution for the spray tan booths than metallic panels. Cleaning plastic is much easier than metal, and plastics provide for easier portability too.

The power supply for the spray tan booth should also be inspected. Buyers in the United States and UK are advised to pick spray tan booths with a power supply rating of 110V. The quality of the spray tan booth is important too. High quality booths will not require repetitive maintenance. This way, the owner will have fewer costs to contend with.

Different spray tan booths are fitted with different types of spray nozzles. This disparity comes with the specific tanning requirements of the buyer. If the nozzle offers more than one options, the buyer is better off because some people prefer gradual tanning while others want speedy tan effects. More nozzle options will suit more clients which is a good thing. The buyers should also ask for tutorials and demonstrations for the tanning booths and spray nozzles. The seller should provide manuals, video tutorials and pictorial installation plans or schedules for the spray tan booth.  Tanning beds should also be provided either as an additional cost or a complementary product.

Potential buyers of sprat tan booths should keenly analyze the type of tanning solution provided by the spray tan booth. Safety parameters and fault – recovery mechanisms are very important.

Spray tan booths capabilities

Tanning equipment should be fitted with UV capability, i.e. minimize the impact of Ultraviolet rays on users’ skin. It is advisable not to use cheap spray tans commercially. They can make the best at home spray tan. Spray tan booths for sale should come with ample warranty.

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