Spray Tan For Men

Spray Tan For MenTanning has been popular in much of the world for decades, but today it’s a health risk because the atmosphere’s ozone layer has depleted greatly. Since the 70s, huge amounts of fluorocarbons have been released in the air from the Freon in refrigerants mainly. This ozone layer protects us from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Skin cancer is now on the rise, which can scare you away from going for that golden tan. There is an alternative now, however, with a spray tan for men. Years ago, even the top self-tanning products would leave you with an orange-looking tan… but no longer. Your facial and body tan can have a bronze, natural-looking color with a spray tan for men from many top brands.

Very popular all over the world

Tanning salons became in vogue during the 80’s, and is still going strong after the first decade of the 2000s. Reportedly, in 2011 it’s a two-billion dollar revenue in the United States. As a guide, the sunless spray tan is the safest way to get that healthy-looking tan for the professional in the urban area when there is just no time to get from sun bathing, also.

A hairy tip while getting that spray tan for men

Take a specialist professional salon owner’s advice, if you have any spray tan solution beaded up on body hair, use the shower cap after finished tanning, and rub the solution on that area. That will ensure that you have the skin coated in the hairiest places, such as your chest.

Spray tan usage preferred in a booth

Spray tan for a guy or men is preferred in a booth rather than using a tanning bed. In a booth, your application is much easier and faster than by using a tanning bed. Also, a booth gives you more privacy. But best of all most body parts will be touched and get that nice bronze tan look natural.

Try an extender to last longer

To enhance the beauty of that sunless tan, use tan extending products.  The best self tanning products often have an extender added, to enhance that spray tan for men, and maintain it even longer.  Even the best airbrush tanning solution can damage your skin slightly. So, tan extender products for men, such as the South Seas Tahitian Tan Extender can be used to extend that glowing tan by up to two more weeks! This is an amazing extender that many a professional uses, such as a celebrity or body builder. It has a blend of DHA that will keep you tanned, and not turn your palms orange when you apply it. This product is also paraben-free.

The tanning booth method of spray tan for men is recommended over the tanning bed method. It is more convenient, and reportedly up to 20 times faster in tanning you. Both methods will tan you evenly, however. Try the spray tan for men method over the sun. You will still receive compliments on that sun tan, and nobody will know the difference!

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