Spray Tan Gold Coast

Spray Tan Gold CoastSpray tanning is convenient when done by Spray Tan Gold Coast, and you will be fully safe from the UV cancer-causing rays of the sun. You won’t need to go to the tropical far-away beach or solarium to get the warm glow from the sun. Although you will look like you just came from a tropical vacation, to the envy of all your friends. With them you can cover up any imperfections and be a bronze beauty.  There will be no more fake orange-colored tans when you get a mobile spray tan.

Prepare for your spray tan

When you come in for your tan from Spray Tan Gold Coast, be sure to prepare by showering and exfoliating your skin thoroughly.  It will not only give you an even tan, but it will be longer lasting. Be certain that you also have no cosmetics or other products on your skin.

Organic spray solution

Spray Tan Gold Coast uses only a natural tanning solution from plants, such as botanical erythrlose, which is a keto-sugar that has a chemical reaction with your skin for a long-lasting tan.  The solution also contains sugar beets and sugar cane. It’s the best way to tan, and with no risk of wrinkling or cancer from sun exposure.  While the tan spray is applying there will no smell of acetone, like other solutions. This organic solution actually has a safe, fresh coconut and vanilla bean aroma. It is safe even for the most hyper-sensitive skin.  The Spray Tan Coast solution has:

  • Aloe vera
  • No parabens, which is a preservative for many cosmetics
  • No chemical odour
  • No alcohol

You can buy this effective organic spray solution for spray tanning in the comfort of your own home.  Just email: info@goldcoastspraytans.com.au

Maintenance is crucial

Equally imperative is your spray tan maintenance. Spray tan maintenance is just as important as the preparation. To keep your tan beautiful and rich you need to moisturize every day.  Avoid scrubbing your skin for at least a week after a spray tan. Just wash gently with the usual soap or body wash. There’s a “no orange tan” guarantee with the eco-friendly organic spray tan by Spray Tan Gold Coast.

Contact Spray Tan Gold Coast

Call them if you are near their home studio at 12 St. John Court, Robina, Queensland, Australia at phone or SMS: 0401-27 0-339. Please call anytime from 8:30am to 7pm.

The features are offered at the moment of writing:

  • Mobile spray service is $45, travel service charge may apply
  • Eco-friendly solution
  • A daily new deal
  • Light, medium or dark tanning services
  • Smooth tan with no blotches or streaks
  • Pop up booth for home tanning service
  • Home studio is $35
  • Salon is open from 8:30am to 9pm daily
  • Manicure and pedicure courses and services

You will enjoy having that bronze tan for up to two weeks by Spray Tan Gold Coast. Keep in mind that your color will never look orange or fake, but it will vary due to your natural skin color and skin chemistry.  When you leave our salon you will look you just came from a sunny tropical vacation.


  • Wait until you take a shower, dnpnedieg on how splotchy you are you may be able to put a bronzing moisturizer on. If you are very splotchy you may need to remove it or let it wear off.