Electric Drain Snake

Electric Drain SnakePlumbing problems in your bathroom can be annoying, expensive and time consuming. When you spend multiple times dealing with the same bathroom drain problems you may become frustrated and want to take a step farther than using a simple toilet plunger. An electric drain snake can reach deep into the drain, twist through or around the blockage, and dislodge it. Electric drain snake can use continuous movement and strength that a plunger or even a hand cranked drain snake cannot.

There are many diy ways to unclog your drain

The most popular methods:

  • There are many types of dissolving product cleaners on the market that you can pour down your drain to try and clean it out
  • You could purchase a hand cranked drain snake or an electric drain snake and force the blockage down the drain and out into the sewer pipes
  • You could invest in a drain camera of your own

Sometimes these do it yourself methods will save you money and will work, but other times they will not unclog your drain and can actually cause more severe problems by clogging a pipe in your immediate sewer line.

When you need more help

A plumbing snake is not the easiest or most effective way to clear your pipes, sometimes you have to call for help. But it’s a good first step and snaking a drain does solve many issues quite easily. You know you are at that point when you have used a cleaner, plumbing snake and spent hours trying to clear the drain and it just does not work. Calling a plumber does not have to be a tough chore if you know what to look for in a service provider.

A plumbing service should schedule in hours that are convenient for you, they should quote you a basic price, they should provide you with references if you request it, they should always clean up after themselves and they should provide you with their work ethics that they follow and their service guarantee. They should explain everything to you in detail and not do any work other than the basic inspection without your permission. You have the responsibility to check out the plumbing services references, history, and qualifications; you should also never permit anyone into your home without the proper identification. Always ask questions and do not accept any answer that you do not understand.

A plumber is able to do many things for you at the time of his visit. He can provide you with tips on keeping your pipes and drains clear. He can check your pipes to make sure there are no other issues on the horizon and he can do a sewer camera inspection that will show you and him just where and what the problem is. He can then find the best way to clear the pipes and end your plumbing nightmare quickly and efficiently. A plumber knows what he is doing and he has the background and experience to find and fix your problem.

Ending your plumbing problems forever

If you have tried a good electric drain snake and you are, still unable to unclog the pipes, then calling a professional is always a good way to get a quick and clear answer to your problem. Clogged pipes or drains are a costly and time-consuming concern some are easy to clear and some are not, but both are doable with the right equipment and help.

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