Plumbing Snake

Plumbing SnakeA plumbing snake is used to break up a blockage or remove it in a drain, pipe, or sewer. There are many types of plumbing snakes used and depending on what your blockage is will depend on the type of snake you use. Manual or automatic, this is the first difference in plumbing snakes. Manual, you wind by a hand crank. This type is easier to push through the pipe, but can sometimes be too short. An automatic snake takes the work away from you as it is electric driven, and is much more powerful. You will need to be careful when using it, so not to damage the pipes by pushing it too hard. A plumbing snake can be a good and effective tool that can save you money and time but only if you know how and when to use it.

The big choices come in the types of head used on your plumbing snake

  • Piston, is the least effective and powerful and can push the blockage away and not break through it
  • Screw or coil type: will twist in the blockage and can help you get a hold of it and get it out of the area
  • Cutting head is used to cut up the blockage and used most often, by the professionals.
  • Electric drain augers, yellow drain snake, clearing drum auger are other types of snakes that can be used.

Whichever type you decide on using the correct size to fit the pipe is important so that you do not cause damage to your drains or pipes.

What a professional can do that you cannot do

Hiring a plumber to service your pipes or drains is often a wiser choice. They have tools such as cameras that fit on the end of their plumbing equipment that can locate and determine the best way to unclog a unit. Often the problem lies deep within the sewer area and cannot be reached by typical tools. A homeowner can get the clog out of the pipe but the root of the problem will still exist and soon they are facing on going obstructions. A customer could find a sewer camera for sale but they often are very pricey, depending on how many drains or pipes you unclog you may wish to make the investment. An apartment owner would benefit from a sewer camera where a homeowner may not use the unit often.

A professional service can also help you understand how to keep your pipes or drains clear and in good condition so that their services are not needed often. They can give you many hints and tips on home pipe care and ecofriendly ideas that will help your system and the environment.

How to find someone in your area to service your pipes and supply you with the information you need

There are wide varieties of plumbers available in most every area so finding names and numbers are not hard to find. Finding a reliable and honest plumbing contractor who will not overcharge you or waste time is the goal you should aim for. Once you have found one that has a good solid background, experience, and excellent references, and then treat them well so that they will come if needed in the future. Family and friends are your best bet for solid referrals. These people know the persons work ethic and will tell you about their personal experience with them. The guarantee the company provides will also help you feel safe and secure about the work they are doing. Finding a plumber is always a good idea, using your own plumber’s snake is a doable goal as long as you know how, what kind to use and if the job is appropriate for you to do. The plumbing snake is by definition your friend and an essential piece of equipment for your home. A good second purchase would be a toilet snake as a clogged bathroom can become a serious nuisance. But when you have the proper tools, you can assess the seriousnes of the situation by snaking a drain yourself. You might be able to fix the problem yourself completely and potentially safe the money of calling the professional.

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