Sewer Camera For Sale

Sewer Camera For SaleFor inspection of a sewer line or pipe, and to clear it, it can be really useful to assess the problem with a sewer camera. While these can be quite expensive, if you shop around you might a second hand sewer camera for sale. A sewer plumbing snake alone may clear a clog, but if you have a stubborn clog, you need to have a way to find what is causing the problem. To solve a stubborn problem, as in math, you need to understand it. There is an excellent drain, or sewer camera for sale at your nearby hardware store for purchase, or rental. Online you can also buy a sewer camera. Some, like the example below, are at a sale price. Discover here the features and price of a suitable inspection sewer camera.

All brands of sewer cameras have similar useful features

A sewer camera for sale has may be called other names: portable push camera, drain camera, pipeline inspection video camera, and plumbing snake camera, but they all have the same useful features. The main feature being their incredible flexibility yet build from a very durable metal in increase its lifespan and enabling you to really push the snake through your pipes without the rist of breaking it.

Various lengths sewer cameras

Brands of portable sewer cameras are often given snake names due to the resemblance of structure: Python (120 meters), Viper, and Hydra are long-range.

Pan and Tilt cameras are usually shorter length, such as Anaconda, with 80 meters probe length.  If you own your own home or business, it would be better to go ahead and buy a sewer camera for sale, than for rent.  It will be worth the initial expenditure, and also save time and money from traveling to a hardware store and renting a sewer camera.

A sewer camera has many functions

Push or sewer cameras for sale have many functions. They are commonly used for inspection and unclogging: pipeline, drain, duct, and other places where it’s otherwise impossible to see.  Sometimes a pump is also used to assist the sewer camera, to simply clear any liquids from the clogged location.  All sewer cameras have common functional traits:

  • Long insertion flexible, snake-like probe
  • Flexible goose-neck video camera for twists and turns
  • LED lights for bright illumination
  • CCTV camera on the tip for sharp images, and even video recording
  • Motorized wheel to push the probe at least 60 meters through a sewer, pipeline or drain

Sewer Camera for sale on Ebay

Here are only two of many drain cameras for sale on EBay. Prices are ranging from this low one of $71 to nearly $3000. If you don’t get any results on your search in Ebay, try searching for a drain camera for sale as this is a popular term used fro the exact same product.

Around your home, there is occasional maintenance needed, and there are certain tools and equipment that, although cost more up-front than renting, it is better for the long-term to go ahead and buy.  Shop around at your neighborhood hardware stores, and go online to find a sewer camera for sale, that is durable and at a flow sale price.

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