Snaking A Drain

Fixing a Clogged Sink

Snaking A DrainSnaking a drain may not be as hard of a task as it seems, at first, or it may be more difficult than you immediately imagine, particularly if you’re not familiar with the severity of the drain clog you are dealing with. There is more than one video that can instruct you on how to perform this task in your own home both on the internet and available at a hardware store or retailer, and regular cleaning of your kitchen sink can help tremendously with every day use and upkeep. An electric drain snake is usually the tool you would use to do this, as they come loaded with a motor driven spring that allows the snake to find its way through a pipe system and clear out hair, dust, grease, and many other sorts of blockage. For snaking a drain, one has many options of what type of product or device they can use, and thorough research should take place before making a decision on what method to employ in your mission to take care of this irritating problem. Whether you end up using something as simple as a liquid drain cleaner, or an electronic device such as a drain snake to perform the maintenance, due effort should be given in to deciding which is more appropriate for your situation, and whether to rent a device or pay a professional plumber to perform the required maintenance for you.

Different Types Of Snakes

Drain snaking involves performing augerings in your pipes, which is an interesting way to say drilling. A snake rotates and pushes through any block or clog in the drain, obviously, an electric drain snake has an electrical motor which forces the rotation and forward pushing of the long spring that is used in this process. A plumbing snake, of course, works on the same principle, and will retrieve some of a blockage or move it in to the sewer. Snaking a drain is much more simple with an electronic device than by attempting to do so manually, and the lengths of snakes often range from a few feet to many yards.


Before making the ultimate decision to use an electric device, a manual device, or some other sort of drain treatment or remedy, proper research should be conducted to see if it is an issue that can be taken care of by yourself, or if it would fit your purposes better to hire a professional plumber. Snaking a drain is not, necessarily, a complicated process, but the equipment can be somewhat expensive and the work messy if you are not familiar with the use of the product or the severity of the clog. As stated earlier, there are many videos that provide tutorials on how to use an electric drain snake, or the features of various drain snakes, but you should always read the documentation for any device that you obtain to use and become familiar with its use before undertaking this task.