Porter Cable belt sander

The Model 352VS Porter Cable belt sander is compact and efficient. It has an all-metal housing that makes it not only sturdy for heavy duty sanding, but dissipates heat well during the operation, keeping your belt in place and relatively cool. It has a variable speed for all types of sanding needs.

Designed for heavy use

The Model 352VS Porter Cable belt sander has a solid ergonomic feel and is will balance that keeps the 3 X 21 inch belt centered and in-place while sanding. With the sturdy all-metal housing the sander runs tough, and easily sands with little pressure needed. You won’t have to constantly stop to re-center the belt, or to let it cool off like with other brands of sander.

The Porter Cable belt sander has variable-speed control

The Porter Cable belt sander allows you to vary the belt speed for the needed application with simple turning of the variable-speed dial.  This variable rate dial is so convenient for your job needs, and is a Porter Cable trademark for all power tools, like the Porter Cable dovetail jig, Porter Cable drill, or polisher.

For the areas needing deep and quick removal, you just crank up the dial, and dial it low for the spots needing  precise sanding .  This sander has a fully rotating adjustable dust nozzle which allows you to pivot the large capacity dust bag, so worries that you will breathe dust at those higher speeds.  This feature will allow you to sand in those hard-to-get-to corners, also.

It runs quietly

It operates quietly even at the top-end speed for two reasons:  the recent design gear system change which meshes precisely, and the serpentine drive belt.  It will be a blessing for those times when you need to sand for a long spell.

The Porter Cable 352VS has fine features:

  • Changing  the belt is easy, and has an easy-to-adjust adjustment control
  • The unit is balanced well, and is easy to maneuver
  • Easy to use the variable rate dial for all job speed requirements
  • Handles are ergonomically designed for convenience and safety
  • Engineered for long spells of continuous sanding
  • Performance is consistent, with no overheating or parts
  • Little pressure is needed for deep sanding

Short note of a visitor

A visitor told us by email that he is really satisfied with hist Belt Sander. He has more tools made and designed by Porter Cable, and this tool he uses the most. He will send a review soon, and this review will be posted here online short after, so everyone can hear his whole story.

Overview of the Porter Cable belt sander

The Model 352VS Porter Cable belt sander is perfect for all woodworking, home remodeling and cabinet building in your home. It’s a powerful 8amp hard-working and precise sander that runs longer, cooler, and more quietly than any other sanders on the market.  It even is designed for flush sanding along vertical incline surfaces.  The large dust bag can pivot 360 degrees for sanding in those tight places.  Like so many other Porter Cable tools, you have a ninety-day money back guarantee, one year free service contract, and a three year limited warranty. You know that you can depend on the Porter Cable sander for your home.