Porter Cable Cordless Drill

The cordless Drill by Porter Cable

The PDCL180-218 Porter Cable cordless drill is an 18-volt tool, with two speeds. It’s a cordless wonder because it’s powerful and long running on two exceptional lithium-ion NiCad batteries. It includes an LED and smart charger. The trigger is reversible, with variable speeds to quickly adapt to work demands. It’s lightweight and well-balanced, which makes it very handy for all positions.

The Porter Cable Cordless Drill handles many tasks on a single charge

This powerful, light and highly maneuverable portable drill has many positive attributes. One important one is that it can run up to three hours on one charge, while performing several demanding tasks. One new owner, according to a consumerReports.org online review, performed pre-drilling and inserting screws into pine, to drilling holes in concrete blocks with ease. He was astonished at the light weight and how well-balanced it is. Just like the powerful 12v PC700 Porter Cable drill, it can handle any drilling tasks around your home.

Features of the Porter Cable Cordless Drill

  • Compatible with Porter Cable Drill 18-v Lithium or NiCad batteries
  • Durable 1/2inch keyless chuck for the bit
  • Powerful high-impact motor and a two-speed gearbox
  • LED work light for dark spots when drilling – located directly above the trigger
  • Cordless for your mobility and convenience in using
  • Lightweight and balanced well
  • Lithium-ion batteries that charge between 30 and 60 minutes
  • Consistent torque control for driving all sizes of screws with a 32-position clutch
  • It comes in a secure hard case with a fabric shock-absorbing  case

Lithium-ion battery is long-running

The PCL180DK Cordless Porter cable drill is a breeze to use.  One big reason is because of the powerful lithium ion 18 Volt battery, which will give you up to a few hours of constant use. Charging is one hour or less, so there’s not much down time if you need to continue using it as a cordless. By the way, this versatile portable drill will stop for a second to signal anytime you need to recharge.  Just like the Porter Cable angle grinders, this is one power tool that you won’t want to put down.

The LED light is handy on the Porter Cable Drill

The LED light is helpful when you drill in dark areas. It not only makes the job easier, but makes it safer for you. The LED light is located above the trigger on the Porter Cable Drill driver.

With a heavy duty hard case

The PCL180DK Porter Cable Drill comes secure in a heavy duty hard case, with a unique fabric interior.  Most power tools have a hard plastic interior.  It’s an aesthetic touch, but also helps absorb impact with the fabric interior. It is just the same sort of case as the porter cable drywall sander is delivered with.

Prices and costs

The price of the cordless Porter Cable Cordless Drill is between $ 95 to $120 USD. The PCL180DK Porter Cable cordless drill costs between $ 95 to $120 USD, which is a great buy! The comparable DeWalt cordless or Makita potable drill, for example, is around $220.  That is a $100 to $125 difference!

There are so many excellent features that will benefit you for all drilling purposes around your home with the Porter cable drill. You can use the PCL180DK Porter Cable cordless drill in hard-to-get-to places thanks to: it’s cordless, possessing an LED work light, ergonomically designed, lightweight, and long-running. You can’t beat the price with any brand of comparable cordless power tools.

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