Porter Cable dovetail jig

Introduction to Porter Cable Dovetail Jig

The Porter Cable Dovetail Jig is an exciting power tool to use. It cuts a wide variety of joints, and is great for making fine furniture, cabinets and other woodworking items. It has a template with alignment lines, a router bit depth gauge, and a user guide, to make it very user-friendly.

The Porter Cable Dovetail Jig cuts a wide range of joinery

The Porter Cable Dovetail 4212 Jig is virtually an omnijig. It can cut box joints, dovetails, half-blind dovetails, dovetail dados, and more. It is built with a solid steel base, and CNC machined aluminum templates; the 4212 is very accurate in its measured cuts.  It is easy using this super jig, which comes fully assembled, and ready to go!  It comes with two carbide- tipped bits, two lock nuts, two template guides, and your user guide – replete with instructions and easy-to-follow pictures.

You can make a variety of furniture with the Dovetail Jig by Porter Cable

The Porter Cable 4212 twelve-inch dovetailing kit allows you to cut all kinds of professional joints for drawers, boxes, and furniture.  You can begin from nothing but ¼” to 1-1/8” thick wood sheets, and with the Porter Cable table saw, Porter Cable belt sander, Porter Cable Router and Model 4212 Porter Cable dovetailing jig, you can personally make all the beautiful wooden furniture throughout your home. 

The Porter Cable Dovetail Jig comes with user-friendly templates for cutting joints

For your all your woodworking joinery, you have a jig kit with the Porter Cable 4212. It includes a template for the following joints:

  • Rabbeted half-blind
  • dovetails
  • Half blind
  • Box joints

This template is user-friendly. No measuring is required  because the template aligns with an “intuitive router” bit depth setting.  Porter leads the woodworking industry with this benefit.  There is a 90-day money back guarantee, a one year service contract, and a three-year limited warranty.

A note by one of hour visitors

This tool by Porter Cable is very hand and extremely easy to use. Best of all, which most of us forget about quickly is that is also really safe to use. Compared to my older tools, which are already outdated, this Porter Cable jig is a pleasure to work with. You can make your job so much easier using Porter Cable tools, not only easier but also faster. Remember if you like your job, it is like you never have to work.

Overall this is just a very good tool to use

The Porter Cable Dovetail jig is very sturdy, with a strong clamping system to secure your work project. It is highly versatile in making many types of joinery. There are an excellent template and user manual to guide you for making all the joint cuts to the fine furniture that you can be proud of creating.  The price is very reasonable for the Model 4212 Porter Cable Dovetail Jig, at around $300 USD.  If you are outside the United States, it can be shipped to most countries.