Porter Cable Drywall Sander

Porter Cable has a slogan that it very true, “Grab the power!” This is a top notch heavy-duty Porter Cable Drywall Sander that is for a professional. The 7800 model’s durable high-speed rotating disc is efficient, and wastes no time in speeding up the most difficult sanding jobs. Quality of work is not compromised in the process on any task.  

Porter Cable 7800

The 7800 model of the Porter Cable Drywall Sander protects your health while working. The Porter Cable vacuum hook-up provides a means for dust collection as it is thrown from the heavy duty sanding.  The 7800 model of this Porter Cable series has a variable speed of 1,400 to 2,000 RPM for the demands of your sanding project. 

The Included and Standard Equipment

  • User Manual exactly for the right model you bought
  • A long-reach 13-foot vacuum hose, with a wide 1-1/4” diameter
  • Power cord straps for better handling
  • Standard 110 volt connection

The 7800 Porter Cable Drywall Sander is lightweight for easier handling

Just like the Porter Cable cordless drill and Porter Polisher, the Model 7800 sander is ergonomically designed, well-balanced, and lightweight. It is the only drywall sander of this time in the world presently, and although lightweight, it is very durable for the demanding sanding jobs. 

The Model 7800 covers much area from one setting

This model of Porter Cable drywall sander has work efficiency in mind, just like the Porter Cable table saw.  The vacuum hose, at 13-feet and 1-1/4 inch diameter, sucks in a lot of the dangerous escaping sanded dust during the operation.  You don’t have to move as often thanks to this long hose. It’s a huge benefit if you’re sanding a 10-foot ceiling, so that you don’t have to move the vacuum and that ladder or scaffolding as often. The Model 7800 is very light, weighing only eight pounds, you will find it much less stress on your body and lungs as the heavy belt style sander units.  

Short review by a happy user

The Porter Cable Drywall Sander is just the perfect tool for those hard to get areas, it is easy to control and usage. It is ready for use, right after you unboxed the drywall sander. It is well worth every penny you have to spend on on such a tool!

This Porter Cable Drywall Sander is a unique sanding tool that gives you nearly 5 amps of power for sanding, with a lightweight eight-pound body. The 7800 model also has a wide range of variable speed, from 1,400 to 2,000 RPM.  With its 13-foot x 1 1/2 “vacuum hose to take all the dangerous fine dust from sanding, you can work a larger area than other makes of drywall sanders.  This durable sander for the professional features a grit hook and hook-and-loop straps for your easy handling. The price to buy is about $470 in most areas. Looking around on the interenet is even a better idea, you can get it about 5% cheaper even tho their will be some shipping costs involved.