Porter Cable table saw

I am a relative newcomer to woodworking and the only comparison I have for the Porter Cable table saw is my old Delta Shopmaster TS200. So as they say…your mileage may vary. Overall I’m really happy with my Porter cable table saw, please read on the give you som experiences and facts.

The Specification of this table saw

  • UL Safety Listing No CSA Safety Listing Yes ETL Safety Listing No
  • Blade Size (Inches) 10.0 Arbor Size (Inches) 0.625
  • Drive Motor System Direct Amps 15.0
  • Bevel Capacity (Degrees) 45.0 
  • Aluminum Table top
  • Table Dimensions (Length) 25.0” (Width) 19.5” 
  • Spindle Lock No 
  • Dust Chute Yes 
  • Warranty (Parts) Three Years 
  • Max. Depth at 45 Degrees 2.5 ” Max. Depth at 90 Degrees 3.0 ” 
  • Left Rip Capacity 10.0” Right Rip Capacity 24.5” 
  • Blade Speed (RPM) 5000

Purchasing the Porter Cable Table Saw

I purchased the saw from Lowes for $299.00 in mid February. Assembly was straight forward. I did like the fact that the instructions referred to Bag A, Bag B, etc. for the needed hardware. Although the bags were not labeled it was easy to determine which bag to use and all the pieces for that step were in that bag. No sorting through a pile of nuts, bolts, and washers trying to find the one that matches the picture.

Very easy to understand

I had to do very little tweaking of the Porter Cable table saw. The stops for vertical and 45 within .1 degree according to my Wixey digital meter. I did not try to get any close since I usually set all my angles and check for vertical with my meter each time I use the saw. The fence was dead on.

I have not had much of a chance to use it but I did run some 1.5 thick maple stock through it and it was much better than the Delta. Smooth and quick with no vibration. It could be the model, but the circular power of this specific drill is just very good, that is a fact.

Advantages of the Porter Cable table saw

Things I like: The PorterCable saw has standard miter slots. My Delta had proprietary miter slots that would not allow me to use any accessories made for the standard miter slots. Also it is real handy portable table to move around when needed.

This table saw is easy to set up and take down and is solid when set up. There are places to store the fence, miter gauge, wrenches, blades, and the blade guard so everything is kept on-board while transporting the saw. The legs fold up to be used as handles when rolling the saw and fold down flat against the saw for storage.

Both the blade height and the angle settings are done with hand wheels so fine adjustments are much easier to make.

The blade guard is easy to install and remove without tools. The right side table extends to rip boards up to 24.4 inches wide. It also has an outfeed support that slides out to provide a small bit of support.

Some improvements still can be made

Things that could be improved: The power switch is small and not real easy to find. I don’t think this is an unusal problem for this category of saws, but one I think they should address.

There is a metal tab that measures about 2” x 1” that you must lift out of the way to unlatch the stand when you want to fold it up. A nice safety feature to keep you from accidentally folding up the stand, but it has some sharp edges and I found it a bit difficult to lift the tab and operate the latch.

A plastic shroud around the bottom of the blade and a port in the back provide sawdust collection. The port is an odd size that does not fit a standard 2.5” hose. I happened to have a 2.5” connector so sanded down one end to fit in the port and this allowed me to attach my shop vac. With that done the collection was adequate – at least it is better than my Delta.


Overall I would give this Porter Cable table saw 4 stars review. My biggest complaint being the small power switch beside the router tool. Once spring arrives and I have a chance to give it a better workout I will see if I am still as happy, but I guess I will. I also have the Porter Cable dovetail jig and the Porter Cable drywall Sander, with both I’m also really satisfied.