Branding irons for cattle

With various technologies today provide livestock brands of many types for your ranch cattle. The equipment used for branding today makes identification of your livestock a safe and quick procedure. Find out which branding irons for cattle may be the best for your needs.

Several types of branding irons specially for cattles

Keep your cattle safe from loss and theft with your ranch identification label. Two companies, Branding Irons Unlimited and L&H Manufacturing Company provide electric or freeze branding. Another, Brama offers stainless steel, hand-crafted brands for quick branding of your cattle.

Branding Irons Unlimited has effective electric and freeze branding irons for cattles

Branding Irons Unlimited offers the best electric cattle branding irons and freeze branders using their trademark “tubular technology” to heat their irons in less than two minutes. The irons are manufactured, and then actually bent by hand using the tubular technology to mark your livestock.  The electric brand is effective in branding your horses and cattle with consistent heat. This company also supplies freeze branders as an alternative method for identifying your livestock quickly.

L&H Manufacturing Company is world renowned for its line of branding irons for cattle

L&H Manufacturing Company is recognized around the world for its branding irons for cattle. Your brands will be safely and quickly applied, and your ranch identification will be permanent with the use of their brands. An unlimited supply of letter and number designs is available for you to choose the precise brand for your livestock.

Brama branding irons for cattle are hand made from steel

For over a half century, Brama Branding Irons have given ranchers all around the Earth the finest hand crafted branding irons , made of raw steel.  This is an old-fashioned company, with descendants of an artisan long ago mastering the Brama way of making livestock brands.  They make a branding iron composed of superior stainless steel, specifically to the requirements of their client. Order a custom brand from Brama, and they will create that special brand solely for your livestock brand.

Branding irons for wood will put your unique mark on your business cards or papers

A wood brand marks your woodwork as your masterful creation. Like an artist, your unique “signature” can be stamped permanently on your business cards. Woodcraft is a store online that can provide such a service for you, as master craftsmen have done for centuries. They also have brands specifically for branding woodworking original items that you may wish to leave your mark.

Branding irons for cattle today come in a variety of forms, and the equipment can brand the livestock with a few methods to choose from. Whether electric, tubular, freezing irons, they make sure that your branding is swift and safe in permanently marking your cattle as your own. By using an electric branding iron, it is not only save, but the job will be done real quick. This is because of the instant hight temperature of the iron part. This is also much better for your cattle.