Branding irons for wood

The wood brand has been the signature mark for centuries on furniture that was designed and built by a master craftsman. It was like an artist’s signature on a painted masterpiece canvas. Today, you can do this with a branding iron for wood. Here you will discover two companies that can provide you with your branding irons for wood. They also have branding irons for steak branding.

Branding irons made easy

If you are a furniture maker or wood worker, it’s possible to brand your work with your personal mark in an easy way. Attach your personally designed wood branding iron within seconds to your drill press, and you’re ready. One such wood branding iron is manufactured by Rockler.

The wood brand is still a signature of excellence as it has been for centuries. With address wood branding irons for wood, you can even have a couple lines of text, as a personal business card on your wood creations. You can combine your text with the date to give permanence to the time of your masterpiece or heirloom.

Woodcraft offers the wood branding irons for addressing

One type of such branding iron is from Woodcraft, and is available for the dedicated wood worker at their online crafts store. This is a fine site for you to get all your power tools, any hand tool, and all products related to your wood working projects. With the address wood brand you can also have your custom branding on leather, cork, or canvas. Future generations will admire your work and know the master craftsmen who made them. You can order the branding irons for wood from Woodcraft.

At the Woodcraft online store, there is a checkout process in the “notes” area where you can include your desired imprint:

  • Capital letters only for your imprint
  • In counting characters, include all spaces and periods
  • Your branding iron will be made especially for you, so cancellations are not possible
  • Please allow six to eight weeks for the delivery of a branding iron for wood

Two types of wood branding irons

Non-electric initial branding iron, which features:

  • 3/8-inch engraved numbers or letters upon a head composed of brass.
  • Available in 1 to 12 characters, with one line only
  • Plated steel shaft with a hard wood handle to keep your hand cool while heating the brand.
  • The brand can take heat from any heat producing source.

Initials electric branding iron kit, which features:

  • A solid brass head with capital letters or numbers as tall as 3/16-inches.
  • Storage case is included.
  • Three 900 degree accessory tips for all purposes involving burning or soldering.
  • These branding irons for wood operate on 110 volts only.

If you buy any extra heads, for either type of branding irons for wood, they easily screw into the iron to change out quickly.  When you contact Woodcraft, be sure to ask for a Woodcraft customer catalog. You will see all the fine products for your woodworking and branding needs.

Branding irons for wood can be used to make so many belongings that made of wood, canvas, cork or leather special with your personal mark. Like the branding irons for cattle, you will also have a way to identify furniture and other goods. Woodcraft online also has a tutorial for wood branding use. This will be a fun and useful tool for you. Also keep in mind that giving a branding iron as a gift is a good idea.

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