Make a branding iron

ou can make a branding iron, to monogram your personal leather goods or wood belongings. Custom branding is possible for other craft or steak brands, also. The branding irons from the store will eventually wear out. With your home-made branders, you’ll have a ready tool that you can always make again. It will be fun to make a branding iron with your personal design. It would be novel at your home bbqs, or barbecues, to have your own steak brands.  From the instructions here, you can recreate branders anytime.

Materials needed and explaination how to make your own branding iron

Materials needed to make a branding iron:

  • Tin snips
  • Permanent marker
  • Self-made pattern
  • Two 4″x 11/2′ pieces of bass wood
  • Two wood screws
  • Phillips screw driver
  • Wire coat hanger

Take these simple steps to make your own branding iron:

  1. Cut and straighten your coat hanger
  2. Mark one foot from an end of the hanger. This will be your handle.
  3. Create your pattern like a continuous line drawing.
  4. Pick a point for where your continuous line will start.  Put the wire on a table with the beginning point of your design crossing the wire at the mark you made.
  5. Mark where the first and second bends are needed.
  6. Place a pair of vice grips on the wire before the first mark for bending, and another pair of vice grips after the mark. Now use both sets of vice grips, and bend the wire. Repeat this procedure at the second bend needed.
  7. Check your bends by placing your wire on your pattern.
  8. Grip the base of the straight end of the wire that will be your handle with your vice grips. Then, grip with the other vice grips at the wire where your pattern begins. Bend the wire ninety degrees from the pattern.
  9. With your vice grips, bend a small hook at the tip of the wire that will make your handle.  Put your two blocks of wood, one at each side of the wire where you have the hook, and push them together against the hook. With the wood screws, screw the two blocks together.

Warning and tips for how to make a branding iron

Never use the wire coat hanger to brand any food items. However, you may use aluminum as a brand for meats. If it’s “red hot” it will be sterile, and safe for your food.

Although you have a wooden handle, it’s still advised to use oven mitts is using your branding iron.  Just like an electric current, heat is conducted by metal.  Protect your hands with the oven mitts.

Final advice

Just like a cowboy with branding irons for cattle, you now can have a branding iron to brand your possession or even brand your own bbq steaks to identify them as yours. Wouldn’t that be awesome to brand your brand the steaks during a bbq which you grilled? If your a good in bbqs your should definately brand the steaks you grilled! It’s also stylish to have your own monogram on other items. There’s nothing like creating your own branders and I hope this article will help to make a branding iron by yourself.