Baking tools and equipment

Whatever delightful goods you are baking in your kitchen: cookies, pie, cake or other pastries, there are some baking tools and equipment that are absolutely essential so that you can follow your recipe with culinary success.

Mixers and whisks

Whether you choose a mixer, or the old fashioned whisk, either tool is needed for thorough mixing to get that consistent dough or batter. There are large dough mixers specific for kneading the large quantities of dough required for high volume baking. The large dough mixers can be bought at a reasonable price as second hand restaurant equipment should you require a lot of heavy-duty dough mixing. Check newspapers and online ads to find restaurant equipment for sale such as the mixers.


Baking needs three different types of pans: dark metal, shiny metal and glass. Foods absorb heat and bake more rapidly in glass and the dark metal pans. There are special pans for baking such items as that juicy pie, mouth-watering cupcake or loaf of soft, savory bread.

Measuring tools

Measuring cups and spoons are needed as part of your baking tools and equipment for your pastry recipes to turn out right. Cups are typically composed of glass or metal, but spoons are made of many kinds of materials. For measuring a supply of dry goods, such as flour, a wooden spoon is fine; however, for liquids you need plastic, glass, metal or ceramic spoons. There will be times, too, when you will need an 18”ruler for measuring precise lengths of some food items.


Any baking requires the prepared food to be in an enclosed space of extremely high heat. You must have an oven!  To bake your cookies, cakes, bread and pies, there are several types of ovens that work well: electric, charcoal, convection, gas, brick and toaster ovens.

Flour duster

The flour duster is a handy traditional baking tool. You use it to dust your work counter or table with a light coat of flour. It has a ball of coiled metal full of flour. Squeezing the handle spreads the flour. It is perfect for lightly coating confectioner’s cocoa, sugar, or related products on top of your delicious, hot baked pastries.

Bench scraper

The bench scraper is square-shaped, with a wooden or plastic handle across the top, and a sharp edge at the bottom of a rectangular blade, 6″ x 3″.  This tool is so versatile in the kitchen: it scrapes flour and crumbs from counter top, cuts dough, scoring certain foods like short bread and transferring pieces of food.  It’s just perfect for any straight cuts and scraping.

For fun and success in your kitchen in baking, you will absolutely need all these items: specific plans for the product desired; a 6″ x 3″ bench scraper; sufficient measuring tools such as cups, spoons, and a ruler; flour duster, mixers/whisks and of course, a reliable oven with proper temperature controls.  You will be the hit of the neighborhood by using these baking tools and equipment for delicious pastries. If you find yourself requiring kneading large quantities of dough, save your body and purchase a large second hand dough mixer from a supply house or restaurant.  You may even choose to use the baking tools and equipment for a new business enterprise. Everyone loves baked pastries!