Second hand restaurant equipment

Whatever restaurant business you have you always need new or second hand restaurant equipment, such as baking tools and equipment, restaurant furniture, kitchen, catering supplies, bar supplies, and much more.

Ice machines

By searching a bit on Google we found pretty easy an online store which offers used and second hand equipment for restaurant the lowest prices which can take a look at in a huge square foot showroom in Miami, Florida. You can purchase top quality equipment by True, Turboair, Cornelius, Hoshizaki, Jetspray and more. They have every manufacturer brand of ice machines that you can imagine! Financing and leasing are available. We all know that a good ice machine can be really expensive, but if you buy an 2 years old ice machine second hand, you can save up to 50%.

Top quality second hand restaurant equipment of all kinds

If you are searching for a beautiful hand-crafted restaurant equipment, collectable pizza oven products, and commercial refrigerators of all sizes, prep counters, bar taps, heavy-duty mixers, blenders and gas stoves you should really look around and shop online.

Suppliers and service centers

Global Restaurant Equipment & Supplies, Inc. has grown to become the world’s number one service center and supplier because you, the customer are treated as you should be… number one. The customer has been number one for over 30 years here!

Design and installation of second hand restaurant equipment

You can find companies with a division where they provide installation of any second hand restaurant equipment. On a forum of shuch a company I’ve read about this, and you do not need to buy the equipment from them to get it installed. But it would be nice to order at least something from small items, such as silverware, to janitorial supplies, to cafe equipment, to huge stainless steel commercial restaurant equipment .

Global Restaurant Equipment and Supplies is part of a large group of companies, possessing much purchasing power from all over the world. You have a choice of all the restaurant supplies imaginable, at the absolute lowest price. This includes all types of commercial freezers, ice machines, Vulcan gas stoves, Smallware, Frymaster, Traulsen, Frymaster, Traulsen and other high quality brand restaurant equipment. They have in stock new and used pizza tables, restaurant convention ovens, commercial dough mixers and reach-in coolers.

Overall it is a good idea to look and shop around for used and second hand restaurant equipment instead of brand new equipment. Especially when you’re a starter you can save lots of money if you are looking for example for cafe equipment for sale. When you are a starter you and you borrowed money to start up your company it looks like you could buy everything new, but on a certain moment you need to pay back the money and if you company is behind on its expectations, you could get into trouble and need to close down your restaurant or cafe. Such situation is even harder to understand when your company is still growing and you just need a bit more time. On that moment you’d wished you bought second hand equipment during start, because this could save you 50% of your investment!