Avanti Water Dispenser

Purchasing the right water dispenser

Avanti Water DispenserShopping for water dispenser is easy. The choice is simply a consumer best buy product; it has passed the test and is a favourite in among users. Purchasing a dispenser is the best financial decision one can make as the savings will be immeasurable. They are several models available however the two newest models that have changed the way we get pure drinking water are the Avanti WDP75and the Avanti Water Dispenser with ice maker.

Avanti dispensers are low priced and good

What makes Avanti special away from its low price are the extra feature that come with the dispensing of water, features that makes it easier than a standard water cooler. They are designed to be space saving and do not take up much space and is decor friendly. Even if your water needs are not huge there are some models offer a countertop water dispensers version that is quite small and relatively cheap to buy, they can fit on a tabletop and takes up no space at all. Such a dispenser is also called a desktop water dispenser. So if you require a standing water dispenser go right ahead and buy an Avanti water dispenser.

Bottled water dispensers by Avanti

Most of these bottled water dispensers are the kind that has the water bottle at the top of the machine and Avanti carries that model as well. But, Avanti water dispenser carries a model where the water bottle is located at the bottom; thus reducing the hassle that it take to replace a top mount bottle, even though it is not replaced every day.  This is easy as one person can replace a bottle at the bottom without any hassle. The beauty is it uses a thermo electric cooling system which uses different voltage on each side to get separate temperature, which makes cooling faster, than some other methodologies use in similar dispensers.

Avanti dispenser WDP75

The Avanti dispenser WDP75 is suitable for the home as, It is not too big or too wide so it fits very well into any space. The WDP75 has hot and cold water power buttons and the hot water faucet carries a child proof guard to ensure safety. Who would not want such features to protect their children?  It features hot and cold faucets, light-emitting diode indicators. Each function can be switched of when not in use to help further reduce energy cost. There is a dry storage compartment, removable deep drip tray which makes cleaning easy.  There are individual stainless steel catchments for hot and cold water.  There is no assembly required as it come assembled and ready to, just plug it in and put on your bottle of water.

The Avanti Water Dispenser with attached ice maker is a dispenser that is used offices, as it accommodates a five gallon water bottle. This model dispenses filtered water at three distinct temperatures: hot cold and room temperature. The ice maker makes it a plus since it helps to provide more convenience for consumers.  Most people who require colder temperature water no longer have to go to the refrigerator for ice. It is convenient and makes it a cut above the rest.