Bottleless Water Cooler

The Green phenomeno

Bottleless Water CoolerThe Green phenomenon is wide spread, and consumers are gravitating to a bottleless water cooler as the alternative to bottle water coolers. They desire a product that is environmentally friendly, and not one that contributes to pollution. When compared to buying bottled water, it can reduce your costs for drinking water service by over 60%. So why wait? Bottle less water coolers comes in various sizes and the methods used vary depending on the system used.

Methods of sterilisation

A bottleless water cooler uses several methods of sterilisation, a mixture of filtration carbon filters, reverse osmosis or UV ultraviolet filters are commonly used today. Carbon filtration omits chemicals such as chlorine, lead and ammonia. One may ask why chlorine needs to be omitted when it is used by our city water supplier, but we all know that the taste of chlorine is awful. Carbon filtration eliminates all these chemicals making the taste of water a little lighter than and not as heavy as water containing chlorine. Reverse osmosis and ultra violet filters are a little more complicated and not so preferred by consumers. The process of reverse osmosis is self-cleaning as the filter cleans whatever is return into the system. Reverse osmosis is a membrane filtration method that removes many types of large molecules  from water  by applying pressure to the solution when it is on one side of a selective membrane. Reverse osmosis uses a removal mechanism in membrane filtration which is straining. This prevents pollutants from coming out in your drinking water making it pure filtered safe for drinking.

Bottleless water cooler systems

Bottleless water cooling or cold cooler systems are a onetime installation as it is plumbed directly into the water pipes of the house, so you have all the hot or warm water instantly. It has a built-in water filtration system that uses a purifier to eliminate pollutants and prevents contamination. Filters are used for a capacity of 1,500 gallons, and may need replacing only one a year and with the cost of a filter ranging from $20 -$30 dollars compensates for the one time purchase price for the cooler system.

When you are don isntalling the bottle less water cooler, it will put the water through the filtration system. After it is filtered the water will be stored into stainless steel containers which eliminating the use of water bottles.

Different bottleless water cooler models

Models are available in countertop and a floor model dispenser. Countertop and a floor model of a bottleless water cooler features include a switch to turn it off. Or you can use the heating system which can be set to be automatic. If you set it up right the cooler will go off when the tank for hot water is almost empty by itself. This is energy efficient as it does not continually heat all day. The most common form of the water cooler is wall mounted and it is joined to the building’s water however, it uses electricity to run a refrigeration unit to cool the incoming water. Some versions are freestanding floor models, which are becoming more popular for home use.