Ceramic Water Dispenser

Ceramic Water DispenserWater is the sustenance of life for us all. A water cooler is beneficial to a home or office for fresh potable hot and cold drinking water. However, have you ever considered the money you can save with an attractive ceramic water dispenser, also called a water crock?

Water coolers are much costlier than a ceramic dispenser

There is a large initial expense for a quality water cooler, plus you must pay for electricity to keep your water chilled. Eventually, you will also have repair bills. Simply buy a water dispenser. A ceramic water dispenser is a real money saver. Your initial cost of one is only about $25. Beyond that, there is no expense for electricity or maintenance. If you want the water extremely chilled, just add ice. Such water dispenser is naturally insulated, and will keep it chilled for many hours.  It is totally non refrigerated by electricity

Green a ceramic with a water dispenser

A ceramic water dispenser never breaks down chemically, however that is not the case with a water cooler.  A water cooler is totally plastic, and once its life is over, it will break down at the city dump.  This will, of course, pollute our environment.  Water coolers use Freon gas to cool the water, which is released into the air, damaging the ozone layer of our atmosphere.  Just the use of electricity by a water cooler consumes not only energy from a power plant of some kind, but consumes your money.  A ceramic water cooler is free of all these effects on us and our eco-system.

Consider a ceramic bottled water dispenser

Today, there are a host of reputable bottled water dispenser companies that offer the standard 5 gallon capacity container. The traditional water dispenser holds only a few gallons.  A bottle fits atop the attractive, glazed ceramic crock, which can stand alone or sit conveniently on your countertop. You can choose a ceramic water dispenser bowl, or crock, to coordinate with the colors and theme of your kitchen. Various textures and colors are available.

Also offered as a single unit

You can purchase a bottled ceramic water dispenser as a single unit. There are various sizes and handsome designs available.  It will save you the trouble of purchasing the bottle and ceramic dispenser separately.  A nozzle is at the bottom of it, so no other purchase is necessary. With the decorative water dispenser, you will not only save your money and the environment, but that plastic taste inherent with the plastic water coolers is totally eliminated.  It is also dish washer safe, making it another plus for you.  You can completely detach it and sanitize it anytime, hassle-free.

The ceramic water dispenser has many advantages over the traditional plastic water cooler. Remember that it is a natural means to give you cold water, and always environmentally friendly.  You have a wide range of colors, textures and designs from which to choose. You can easily coordinate your water dispenser with your kitchen theme. It will save you MONEY! Your electricity bill and future repair costs of a water dispenser are wiped out. You can see that the purchase of a ceramic dispenser is a wise decision, and a healthy one.  There are many reputable companies, such as Frigmac Buy one and have a cold one on me!