Desktop Water Dispenser

Buying bottles or using a water dispenser on your desk

Desktop Water DispenserBuying bottle water is easy if you are buying a small bottle just to consume by yourself, but when you buy bottled water by the gallons it is difficult to be lifting all the time to pour it out into smaller container hence the birth of dispensers. But that too soon was not enough as the water was always room temperature, and then there was the need to provide hot and cold water. Since then dispensers have come in many different sizes but what if your space is small and cannot accommodate a large water dispenser? Then a desktop water dispenser is a product to consider.

Fast water cooling dispenser

A desktop water dispenser cools water faster than usual dispensers making it power saving and efficient. The carry most of the features of standing models, they are renowned for their fast cooling mechanism. Its thermoelectric cooling system uses different voltage on each side to get separate temperature, which makes cooling faster. Though it is small the desktop dispenser it has the capacity to provide 2 liters of cold water per hour and 5 liters per hour of hot water. It provides excellent temperature of water ranging from 185 – 205 degrees Fahrenheit and 45 – 60 degrees Fahrenheit for hot and cold water respectively.

Saving a lot of money with a desktop water dispenser

A great option especially when entertaining, the desktop water dispenser can save you a lot of money on bottled water. Most persons would buy the traditional plastic bottle water for a party but that would be a waste of money when you already have a desktop water cooler. A desktop water dispenser is small and compact but holds a three to five gallon bottle which you can use perfect as a water dispenser for home. More recently a manufacturer of water dispensers now design anti-electric shock protection that prevents injuries and damages to the users when using electronic items with anti electric shock protection. This technology utilizes a rubberised material that absorbs electric leaks or shortage preventing consumers from getting shocked. This is a great feature since water and electricity does not work well and safety issues are important to consumers.

Heating and cooling of water

This type of desktop water dispenser has the ability to offer both heating and cooling of water. It can dispense both hot and cold water so whether you need water for tea or coffee. The desk top dispenser is available in two main types that uses two different methods. This is the mini version to a bottle water dispenser but it does have the capacity to hold a five gallon or three gallon bottle at the top. The other type is one that operates as a bottle less dispenser. It is plumed into the main water system however; it requires of a purifier and filters to purify water before it is be safe for drinking. Though small the options are limitless and can perform the functions of some standing models. When compared to other dispensers it weights under 16 pounds and is small in dimensions making it a perfect product to buy for a small office, home or dorm as space will never be an issue.