Free Standing Water Dispenser

A water dispenser instead of bottled water

Free Standing Water DispenserSwitching to a water dispenser has many benefits as it saves energy and reducing the amount of money you spend on bottled water. Many offices, homes and public entities have switched to a free standing water dispenser as it has proven to be economical. Over the years, the designs of water dispensers have progressed to a more classy style as per consumer request. Consumers required a more sleek and décor friendly dispenser.

Cold and hot water

How safe are water dispenser boils down to the materials used in the manufacturing process. Since what has to be stored in the free standing water dispenser the materials that are used must be able to resist corrosion or rusting, as this can pose other problems. The most commonly used materials are brass, stainless steel and glass, another frequently used material that is polystyrene. It is used with stainless steel for insulation purposes. Free standing dispenser employs an advanced technology controlled system that purifies the water before it reaches you faucet. This water cooler uses a water tube made from material that effectively prevents bacteria from entering the dispenser something like a straining mechanism. After the water is filtered it is stored in a refrigerator compartment until it is ready to be dispensed. The water that is to be heated is stored in an insulated compartment where the temperature is regulated by a built in thermostat. The drinking water delivery will be instant no matter if it boiled or ice cold water.

Price of a free standing water dispenser

A Free standing water dispenser are prices as low as $20 dollars and can go up to $300 dollars. The factors that determine the price of a dispenser id varied as it depends on the manufacture and the quality however the following factors have great bearing on what consumers are willing to pay.  The size of the dispenser is a factor in pricing as well as its ability to dispense both hot and cold water.  The water storage capacity and the materials used are important elements of pricing dispensers. Another feature is the safety of the dispenser whether it carries a hot water faucet safety guard.

Water dispeners by Vitapur

Vitapur carries a range of dispenser is highly computerised as it functions are advanced and can automatically shut of some function by itself. The hot and cold functions can be switched of when not being use in order to save energy. Dispensers carry a light-emitting diode that indicates which is being poured hot or cold water.  It has the niche to hold a five gallon capacity bottle of water the water is cools fast as it use high quality compressor which reduces cooling time making the energy savings even greater.  The review of water dispensers, have these features in the product.


Compared to a moerdeng a free standing water dispenser requires a small amount of maintenance, as it carries a removable drip tray that catches the excess water. It stands in one place and is design to fit nicely in the décor of any kitchen as well as it has many design and colours. Since drinking water from the tap is not 100% safe a dispenser that is user friendly and cost effective is the best buy. Once purchased all it requires are your bottles of water.