Sunbeam Water Dispenser

Sunbeam Water DispenserThe Sunbeam 6131 is called “Hot Shot” for a hot reason. You can kiss waiting for a fresh-brewed coffee goodbye. Your water will be a good 170 degrees Fahrenheit within seconds for that cup of coffee to get you off to a fast start on your busy day. This Sunbeam water dispenser has all the features you want from a hot water dispenser. It is equipped with a bright red indicator light to signal when your water is piping hot. There’s also an automatic shut-off switch for your convenience and safety.  It won’t forget for you, on those half-asleep mornings when you just may take off for the office, and forget.

Ideal for hot water within seconds

The Sunbeam water dispenser is perfect on a cold day for getting you that cup of hot tea, coffee or milk to you within seconds. The Sunbeam 6131 Hot Shot is the king of the Sunbeams for making hot water. It’s faster than a kettle or microwave. It can even get a whopping 16 ounces of nearly boiling pure water to you in only a minute.  It’s ideal, too, because you have precise control of the amount of hot water you need for that tea or coffee, thanks to the quick dispense lever.

The Sunbeam water dispenser comes in different lightweight sizes

The Sunbeam water dispenser is designed to that it neatly fits on your kitchen countertop, or office desk due to its compact dimensions. It is engineered well, and you can choose also a ceramic version. Your cord on the Sunbeam hot water dispenser is stored hidden beneath its base when not in use.  It measures a compact 8 by 10 by 6 inches, and is a light two pounds. With this kind of portability, you can take it as your travel companion easily. You will have a delicious cup of hot coffee.

The Sunbeam water dispenser quickly prepares hot meals

The Sunbeam 6131 quickly prepares many different kinds of meals, such as noodles or hot cereal. It can be complemented with a hot drink in a minute or less. The water dispenser by Sunbeam is a fantastic appliance, and has a cheap price tag at only $13 USD, but be certain to fill it with water before plugging it into the socket. Doing this could damage the water heating unit, requiring you to buy replacement parts

Several happy users wrote a positive review

Searching the internet for a users reviews about the Sunbeam 6131 will results in many positive users. Like someone from California said “Beside it is easy in use, it also is more cost efficient”. Someone from Austin, Texas mentioned “Since I bought the Sunbeam 6131 for my office, my workers spending less time going to the kitchen to boil water or get cold water. With the Sunbeam it goes much quicker, and my workers are happy and so am I”.

These were only two of many glowing reviews by Sunbeam dispenser owners. As you can see, the claims are true about the Sunbeam 6131, it offers just what you need! It can have your hot drink and meal to you within a minute or two, and as long as you plug it in with water in the reservoir, it will serve you for many years. The one owner’s Sunbeam 6161 has served her family faithfully for over 22 years now. Here’s to your health and long life with the Sunbeam water dispenser in your home or office!