Ants extermination

Ants are the one of the most annoying insects known to man because they are everywhere in our daily lives while they do so much damage to us and our possessions. Ants are a nuisance inside our homes as they get on our belongings, chew up our food (small ants), make mounds in our lawns, and destroy wooden structures (carpenter ants) around our homes. One species, the fire ant, which is common in the southeastern United States, has a painful sting that can even take the life of those allergic to their painful bite. If you are attempting to eradicate ants, the proper ants extermination method involves killing them at the nest, where the queen resides. Removal of the queen bee and a host of ants in the nest will destroy the nest of ants. This will be a resource for the most effective way to kill them.

How to get rid of ants in the house

Structures such as your home make ideal nesting places for ants. They make their home in places like cupboards, behind walls, and even your home appliances. They will even burrow into concrete or wood, depending on the species. Since they are so difficult to find, pesticide baits are often used for ants extermination.

The most annoying ants for humans are often referred to as fire ants. The fire ant comes in many forms and sizes but they all have one thing in common: they sting. No matter how small they are (e.g. the electric ant or the little fire ant is only 1.5mm long) you will feel it. It’s not really pain, but it’s far from pleasant. In total there are 285 members of the stinging ants family so reason enough to pay some attention to extermination strategies and tactics.

Bait can be highly effective

Baits are highly effective for ants extermination because the work ants take the insecticide bait to the queen and colony in the nest. The baits come in a child-resistant packaging. Several recommended ant baits are available at your favorite hardware store: Terro Ant Killer II, Combat Ant Killing Gel, Quick Kill Formula and Raid Ant Bait II. These are all excellent for pest control.

Professional services from the ant exterminator

Following instructions on the packaging, place the bait near ant trails. Never spray other pesticides or other chemicals around the bait locations because it will stop them in their tracks from consuming your bait. Never spray them while they are feasting on the bait. In days, you will be rid of them, but continue to place more bait on any new trails. This is how to get rid of small ants in the house, as well as the large black ants.

Ants often change their choice of meals, so if one bait doesn’t work, try a different brand. Remember that it will take a few weeks for ants extermination. Should you have a stubborn colony of ants in which no bait products eradicate them, consult the professional exterminator. He will have a huge arsenal of insecticides to combat these pests. These companies have heavy-duty products for the solution for ants extermination anywhere, from NYC to SF, with products like Terminidor, Phantom, Suspend, Demand, or Talstar. There is always a way for ants extermination if plan A won’t rid you of them.