Get rid of ants in the house

Facing ants inside your home

As a home owner, most probably you have encountered the problem of ant infestation in your home. In some cases, multiple infestations occur. In the past, many bizarre methods have been used in the fight against ants, including vacuuming! Funny as it sounds, there is really no need to resort to such desperate measures. Considering homes have children and pets living inside, turning to an exterminator’s services may not be the most ideal option either. Some pesticides and chemicals are known to cause serious allergic reactions to humans and domestic animals. To this end, there are some proven methods that are used to get rid of ants in the house.

In as much as trial and error sometimes gets results, it is a high time you got rid of those ants once and for all. There are a number of options that can be applied instead of using pesticides for ant control. Timing and room conditions are pivotal factors that affect the efficiency of the methods below, but the user is guaranteed to deal with the ants accordingly. Also, different types of ants react differently to various methods of exterminations.

How to get rid of ants in the house

The first basic method of ant elimination is use of diatomaceous earth. Lines of diatomaceous earth are sprinkled in affected areas and also any other points where the ants are spotted. It is good practice to have your mould of diatomaceous earth analyzed by a geology expert or any other authority, because of allergy fears, etc. Diatomaceous earth can be found in nurseries and flower gardens. If you are not sure, you can as well purchase the diatomaceous earth from selected retail outlets. A good substitute for diatomaceous earth is baby powder. Baby powder should not be ingested however, because it contains talcum. So it is good to ensure children are kept away from the sprinkled baby powder.

Cheap but effective methods

Lemons can also be used to chase the ant colony and any other pest. This method is only used to repel ants and make them stay away from your home. It is a good and economic way to get rid of ants in the house, however does not kill ants. Lemon juice mixed with water in a 50 – 50 ratio is put in a sprayer bottle and sprayed in all areas affected by the ants, the kitchen included.. You will instantly see the ants taking off. Grits also eliminate ants from your house. Dry grits should be sprinkled in ant – infested sections of the home, and around the perimeter. Ants ingest the grits, then expand and eventually die. Grit acts as bait for the ants.

There are some more recommended ant extermination methods, including use of cinnamon, black pepper, cayenne pepper and peppermint oil. Use of pepper is not encouraged for homes with little children and so do ant traps. It is important to combat ants before they carry out extensive damage in your home. Carpenter ants in house are very destructive. The time to get rid of ants in the house is NOW.