How to get rid of ants in the house

How to get rid of ants in the house depends on the species. For several species, such as pavement (house) ants or pharaoh ants, sweet-based ant baits are effective. For the feared fire ants, now common in the southern United States, hydramethylon granules are the only effective treatment. Even then, it must be re-applied every few weeks for this hardy ant, painful-stinging ant.

Pavement ants extermination

Sweet-based ant baits are used against the troublesome pavement ants. This pesky little brown pest is found in homes, and makes mounds outside the home, also. Terro, a brand of ant pesticide, works well to get rid of ants in the house of this species.

It’s a tough one and it will take a while to figure out how to get rid of ants in the house when this particular ant is the culprit. For that reason we recommend you call in the help of professional ant exterminators so you’ll tackle the problem as fast and efficiently as possible.

Pharaoh ants extermination

Sweet-based ant baits are effective against the dangerous pharaoh ants. It is known to have a voracious appetite for all foods, but is especially dangerous because it can transmit staphylococcus and pseudomonas bacteria, which are highly contagious. Place the sweet baits on their ant trails, or near their busy spots. Terro works well to get rid of pharaoh ants, also.

The Argentine ant is a unique pest

They thrive in a warm climate, such as in southern USA, and are a unique species of ants for a few reasons. The first is that they are wiping out the native ants in such regions, which is upsetting the ecosystem. The second is they the Argentine ants use aphids by carrying them back to the nest, where the aphids secrete a sweet nectar-like substance that feeds the queen ant and colony in the nest. The third is that they will join forces with other species of ant colonies.

Argentine ants require a two-pronged attack

How to get rid of ants in the house if you are struck by the Argentine ants is a two-pronged undertaking. They will eat anything in their path. Use sweet baits and Niban against them. You have to spread the Niban, or other insecticide granules, in an area where they travel. With this two-fold assault on Argentine ants you can exterminate and control them.

Fire ants

Fire ants are the scourge of the southern United States. There are six species in the USA, all unwanted imports from South America. The fire ant is difficult to trap, in that their nests are up to a half-million strong! When they swarm, look out! In such numbers their painful sting can be lethal. Even if you survive, you will be in excruciating pain. Broadcast baiting, that is spreading around, the hydramethylnon granules is the only effective way to rid them. Even then, it’s only a temporary “fix” to eradicate them. There will be another colony following the parent colony within a few weeks. They are much hardier than the largest of ants, the black ants. Such products as Amdro, Siege and Maxforce can bait the fire ants.

Just a tip regarding the fire ants, don’t just leave them untreated, or your entire home and property will be swarmed by this wicked insect in time. This is one time when you need total ant control. Ants extermination of fire ants may mean hiring the professionals. This is more or less how to get rid of ants in the house. Either go for it yourself with the strtegies explained above, or call in the help of the experts.

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