How to get rid of small ants

Thorough cleanliness of all areas of your home daily is one way to control small ants, like the sugar ant. Not only keeping all food crumbs and liquid spills off counter tops, tables, and floors, but sanitizing with bleach and water is an effective control, even if this is not how to get rid of small ants forever. It’s a quick and effective but temporary solution that will not have long lasting results. It will liberate you from an accute problem quite fast.

With the use of bleach and water in cleaning all surfaces of your home, the pheromones that ants follow to create their long ant trails to food are destroyed. That stops the ants in their tracks. After sweeping use the recommended bleach and water mix ratio to mop your floor nightly.

How to get rid of small ants permanently from you house or apartment you may ask. Keeping your home sanitized is important for your health, and other pest control methods, but to eradicate them you need sweet baits. Sweet baits are composed of boric acid, or borax. It is a highly effective form of ants extermination against the small ants, such as pharaoh ants, the little species of black ants, carpenter ants and pavement ants.

Sweet baits are generally safe for humans

The main ingredient in the sweet baits is Borax, which is mined out of deserts in California and Nevada. Although, like any powder, you don’t want to eat or inhale it, but this compound is safe for you to be around. As a matter-of-fact, borax (sodium borate) has many applications in which your skin has much contact, such as for detergents and cosmetics.

Getting rid of ants using sweet baits

It’s important to know that sweet baits is highly effective in small ants extermination, but works slowly to destroy the ant colonies. The small ants take the sweet bait granules as they return to their colony at the nest where the queen ant is located. Each poison granule is then eaten as it’s shared with fellow ants. The sugar ants have a ravenous appetite, so this is a convenient and effective way to exterminate and control sugar ants. However, the best way how to get rid of small ants swiftly is to use a product called Terro.

The Argentina ant requires two forms of insecticide

How to get rid of small ants of the Argentina ants species is with two methods. They will eat almost anything organic in front of them, including other ants. Their favorite meal, however, is anything with sugar in it. Therefore, use sweet baits, Maxforce, or Niban against them. You have to spread the Niban, Maxforce, or other pesticide granules, in an area where they travel. With the sweet baits, and Niban or Maxforce that ant infestation in house will end shortly.

So how to get rid of small ants? Sweet baits, along with other pesticide products with granules, like Maxforce and Niban will eradicate the small ants from your home. If you want the quickest method, however, just use the popular weapon against these pests called Terro.