Bed Bug Bites Symptoms

Bed Bug Bites SymptomsBed bug bites symptoms can be identified and determined but be wary of a misdiagnosis, which would warrant a different treatment. Bed bug bites symptoms are typically a series of three or four bites in a row. They appear red and circular, and often itch. The bites could be attributed to some other skin disorder, so be careful. You may have an allergic reaction from contact with a chemical, mosquito bites, or it could even be a disease, such as scabies. Continue reading to learn more about this public nuisance, and how to treat the bed bug bites.

A pattern by the bites of bed bugs is three or four bites in a row

You may ask, what do bed bug bites look like? Note that the first bed bug bite symptom is that they are usually three or four red welts in a straight line. They can, however, occur as only one bite.

The onset of bites symptoms by bed bugs varies among people. The secondary overt sign of bed bug bites symptoms can sometimes be swelling, and even a rash from the bites. They may itch and last much longer than a mosquito bite. It does vary among people, however. Some fortunate people have no reaction to a bed bug bites at all.

There is a lag in showing the bed bug bites symptoms

Realize, too, that there is a lag from the time you are bitten and the time the above symptoms appear. It may take up to nine days. The more times you are nibbled on by a bed bug, the less lag there is for symptoms to show up. It can take a but of time before you notice any signs of a bedbug bite, but if you have many bits you will notice it quicker.

How to identify bed bugs

It’s important to know how to identify and how to treat bed bugs. They are very tiny, reddish-brown in color, and rather round. They also leave a feces mark that stains. It is reddish-brown, circular, appearing on furniture, your bed headboard, bed frame, and on your sheets, blankets and pillow cases. If you see the bed bug bites symptoms on you or your family, it’s best to wash all bedding in not water.

How to eliminate bed bugs

Have a reputable company eradicate the bed bug nuisance by any of a few methods, but the one that is becoming the most popular in recent years is a high heat treatment. Trained exterminators can safely eradicate the bed bugs with equipment that generates heat steadily over 45 degrees Celsius, or 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Often people do mistake bites as bed bug bites, when they sometimes learn from their medical doctor that they have scabies or an allergic reaction causing a skin rash. The proper treatment may require prescribed medicine, such as antihistamines or a series of steroids. The remedy for bed bug bites is simply to first wash the bites with disinfectant soap, and then apply calamine lotion, or a mixture of baking soda and water. Hope you have by now enough information about how to recognize bed bug bites symptoms.