Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed bug infestation and probable cause

Bed Bug Heat TreatmentIf anyone’s home has ever been attacked or infested by bed bugs, they can most certainly testify that it is one of the nastiest experiences one can ever undergo. It is not only an embarrassing experience; bed bugs pose a serious health risk. These pests usually reside in people’s sleeping areas including camping trucks, dormitories, cargo ships, hospitals, church residences, and basically any places where humans turn in for their sleep/rest. Bed bugs target all kinds of beddings, and can make your night so uncomfortable with incessant painful bites. So, what is the best most effective bed bug heat treatment? Several remedies have been put forward over the years, including some unconventional methods.

However, contrary to common belief, bed bug infestation is not a result of pure hygiene. Bed bugs seek to live and breed in areas which suit some thermal conditions best suited for their survival, spread and multiplication. Bed bugs thrive in slightly warm areas, and this environment is best provided by warm fluffy beddings in generally dark rooms.

Prevention and eradication of bed bug infestation

Bed bugs have a knack of developing immunity to most commercial pesticides meant to abolish them. When your house is infested with bed bugs, there are eradication systems you can personally take to curb further propagation of the pests. Common remidiations such as periodically airing beddings destabilize the bed bugs’ breeding cycle and hatching periods. Another option is to use the services of a professional exterminator to kill the bed bugs and administer pest control measures in and around your home area.

Bed bug heat treatment

So, what is the solution? Here is how to treat bed bugs. Specialists recommend the use of ThermaPureHeat bed bug heat treatment. This product eliminates bed bugs and it is a very environment – friendly remedy. Furthermore, this process does not warrant the changing of beddings after application. Users can be advised on the effective use of this remedy, or it can be done by specialists if so desired. ThermaPureHeat is a preferable option due to its penetrative capabilities even in unreachable areas like ceiling cracks and wallboards.

Please read here how to check for bed bugs, because this is an important first step in the whole process. The first thing required of home owners is the ability to identify bed bugs. It is surprising just how people having bed bugs in their homes have no idea how the pests look like. A bed bug is an oval – shaped pest that resides in dark areas. It measures at between 0.25” to 0.75” long. Bed bugs are tawny red and brownish in color.

To find out if there are any in your bedding, first open all windows and doors to the bedroom and ensure enough light comes in. Then, strip all sheets and beddings fro you bed and overturn the mattress. If you check all sides and corners of the bed frame, you will see the tiny reddish pests scampering around looking for a dark place to hide. It is good practice to then air all the beddings outside in the sunlight. However, chances are that bed bugs still reside in other places like window frames, wallpapers, wall cracks and other dark areas in the room. Bed bug heat treatment has proven to be the most effective method so far in the quest to eliminate bedbugs.

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