Heat Treatment For Bed Bugs

Heat Treatment For Bed BugsThere has been a huge increase in bed bug infestation in the North America and Europe, this past decade. The best method for an exterminator to rid them is a heat treatment for bed bugs. Valuable information will be given here for you to tackle this annoying health pest.

Why is heat treatment the most effective method against bed bugs?

Let’s see what you are up against with this durable pest, the bed bug. Then you will understand more of why heat treatment for bed bugs is the most effective. Female bed bugs lay up to 500 eggs. The eggs hatch in 10 days. Like a vampire, they need a meal of blood to go to the next stage in life. With five nymphal stages, they need a blood meal to molt into the next stage.

The life of a bed bug is affected by temperature

The life cycle varies from only 5 weeks to 18 weeks, depending upon temperature. The hardy bed bug can survive with no food for up to 140 days. Sometimes, they can go as long as 550 days with no food (blood). They can eat 6 times their weight, requiring up to 10 minutes to feed.  Adults can live up to 10 months, but temperatures of 120 degrees are lethal if they can’t escape to cooler environs.  Heat treatment for bed bugs extermination is therefore highly efficient.

The pest control industry

How to check for bed bugs is easy.  Check all parts of your bed, including the sheets, pillows and blankets. If there are any small reddish circles, they are stains from the insects’ feces.  You may ask how big are bed bugs. The bed bug itself is smaller than your fingernail, round, and brown.  Their bite leaves a red, sometimes itchy, spot on your skin.

The pest control industry has portable heating equipment to eradicate bedbugs. There are three reasons for using heat for exterminating bed bugs:

  • Safe- A safe non-chemical form of pest control is always the best for humans and the ecosystem. Heat treatment is 100% organic and non-toxic.  Heat is absolutely effective with no toxic risks, and no odors.
  • Environmentally friendly – With the heat method, you are being safer to your environment and fellow humans than any other extermination method.
  • Effective – The heat treatment method for bed bugs is efficient in one application. Heat penetrates otherwise impossible areas for reaching pests.

Heat treatment is ideal for businesses and homes

Heat, or thermal treatment is effective for huge, occupied buildings, but it can also be ideal for pest control in small enclosed areas where a chemical treatment could stop a business or factory operation temporarily. Action can be taken by the pest control company to service any operation, and it will still be fully functional.

Bed bugs have become a huge problem again, all over the world, including the developed nations.  The thermal or heat treatment for bed bugs can include direct-flame propane or gas heaters, indirect fired fuel oil heaters, steam or electric heaters for the exterminator to use in tackling a bed bug infestation.  Whatever equipment is used, however, the trained exterminator will eradicate the bed bugs completely and safely with this method.