How Big Are Bed Bugs

Bed Bug control: The basics

How Big Are Bed BugsExtermination experts in New York and other regions in America have extensively studied the mannerisms of bed bugs. These investigation are not just to find out how big are bed bugs, but they digged a bit deeper then that. For starters, there has been widespread debate about the actual size of bed bugs, and for good reason too. Bed bugs can so easily be mistaken to be other pests like fleas. It is good practice to know some basics about the pests that inhabit our homes. Home owners should take time to investigate that itchy bite. It could be an eye – opening revelation. What do bed bugs look like? Bed bugs have oval shape bodies. They are crawlers, and have no wings on them. The intriguing part is that a bed bug’s size varies depending on whether or not it has eaten. Before eating, the bed bug measures at 0.25 inch. At this point, the bed bug is very flat and is quite pale in color. However once it has fed, it takes on a darker shade of red / brown and its body gets bloated to up to the size of ½ inch. So, just how big are bed bugs? The best bet would be that a grown bed bug measures at 0.4 inches.

Bed bug infestation occurs when the pests lay their eggs and then they hatch. Proof of infestation is a trail of tiny, pale, whitish, pear – shaped eggs. These eggs are very sensitive to heat, so the best way to “pest – proof” your home is heat treatment for bed bugs. While most people seek for ways on how to kill bed bugs, the best solution there ever was is prevention. No matter how big are bed bugs actually, you want to get rid of them, even when they are small. Because even a small bed bug bites you!

Prevention and control of the spread of bed bugs

When a fully – furnished house is left uninhabited for a long time, this is when bed bugs make their entry into the household. Home owners are advised to apply heat treatment in their home before a scheduled travel. This will keep the bed bugs at bay for a long time as the inhabitants are away on their journeys and travels.

It should not end there. Even when bed bugs have infested the home, it is still never too late to control further spread of bed bugs. Home owners are advised to periodically air their beddings out in the sun. This destabilizes the bed bugs’ breeding cycle, and they are also sensitive to heat. These factors also come into play when regarding the size of a bed bug. Bed bugs are very sensitive to their surroundings.

Bed bugs’ way of life and characteristics

Close investigation of cracks and crevices will reveal groups of between 10 and 50 bed bug eggs. In an instance, a female bed bug can lay as many as four hundred eggs. Maturity of the eggs depends on thermal conditions of the room and food availability. Surviving eggs usually hatch after ten days. A bed bug lives to approximately one year.

Bed bugs do not feed on human blood alone. They also feed themselves on animals. Chickens and other poultry are popular carriers of the pests. The birds’ feathers provide a good environment to host the bed bug eggs. So then, how big are bed bugs? Again the answer to this question will depend on what the bed bug has been feeding on.