How To Check For Bed Bugs

How To Check For Bed BugsHow to check for bed bugs is important, especially when you are travelling. If you are in any temporary lodging, such as a hotel, there are several steps to prevent transporting this pest. Read here how you can also treat for them, as their bite can be a nuisance and health risk.

What is a bed bug?

How to check for bed bugs is important, but first, what is a bed bug? A bed bug, or Cimex lectularius L, is a very small insect that thrives on any mammal’s blood. Yes, that is you and I, also! They can survive up to 18 months without their meal. It is recorded that in lab testing, occasionally one will live up to 1 ½ years with no food! When hungry, they look flat and smaller than your fingernail. They are nocturnal and usually travel by contact with infested furniture from hotels or apartments; places with only temporary accommodation. So, try to find out ahead of time if there is a bed bug problem at a location prior to staying there.  They propagate rapidly, sometimes laying as many as 500 eggs at once, and a few times per year!

Tips on how to check for bed bugs, to prevent them in your precious home:

  1. Find out if there are any reports of a bed bug infestation at your prospective destination before leaving your home.
  2. Put all your baggage near the door or in the bathtub where you are staying.
  3. Check the bed all over, including the headboard, frame, box springs and mattress for any reddish-brown circular spots. If you see them, you had better check out immediately.
  4. Go ahead and strip the sheets from the hotel mattress. They thrive and reproduce rapidly on mattress seams and box springs. Human couples are not the only ones who check in for such activity.
  5. Inspect other locations around the room, such as the carpet, curtains, bandstands, drawers, closet and furniture. If there are any reddish-brown spots, you have unwanted company.

Of course, a house or apartment is not immune to these pesky bedbugs, either.  If you ever have red, itchy circular marks on your body when you wake up, check for bed bugs wherever you are.  Any such red spot on you may be a bed bug bite.

Popular and effective methods used to treat bed bugs

Here is more than one tip for ways to treat and prevent bed bugs:

  • Steam treatment – This method is often used by pest control companies, and kills bed bugs at all their life cycle stages.
  • Cold treatment – This method is typically used in Europe and Australia, with a chemical having the brand name, Cryonite.

The number one treatment, and safest is heat, or thermal treatment. With temperatures above 45 degrees Celsius, or 120 degrees Fahrenheit, bed bugs are eradicated completely; at least for awhile.  Bed bug heat treatment is safe, and reaches the insects where the other methods can’t go. Heat treatment for bed bugs is becoming more popular in recent years, as it is eco-friendly, also.

Conclusion for how to check for bed bugs

How to check for bed bugs is important to get rid of an in preventing a bed bug infestation travelling to your home from other places where they reside, such as a temporary apartment or hotel room. It’s a good idea to not only check for bed bugs periodically, but clean your carpet, rugs, and furniture often. Especially keep all your bed clean. Wash all your bedding once per week.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, a wise American diplomat, author and inventor, Ben Franklin, would say.

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