How To Treat Bed Bugs

How To Treat Bed BugsHow to treat bed bugs is a dilemma for developed nations today, as much as it is for the rest of the world. It is recommended to consult a reputable pest control company because they are a tough bug to do eradicate completely. If you’re a home owner, you may be alarmed to experience them, but with several steps, you can kill them. There are steps to prevent their return, also.

Symptoms when bitten by a bed bug

In how to treat bed bugs, you want to be sure that this is the enemy you are dealing with. If you have small circular red welts on you anywhere after you wake up, especially if they are three or four in a straight line, you may have bed bugs taking up residence. A sign of bed bugs is if you see small circular red stains on sheets and pillowcases, you may have bed bugs. Regarding the bites, they may itch, and with first aid you will be ok. Usually, the only problem would be if you are allergic to the bed bug bites. Then, see a physician immediately. You can read more information about bed bug bites symptoms.

Identify bed bugs

A bed bug is reddish brown, and about 5 mm long, so they’re around the size of your  smallest toe nail. They are flat and almost circular shaped. Once identified as bed bugs, you can begin several steps to kill them.  Your property should be inspected by a professional exterminator initially.  A tip is to remove all unnecessary items around your home, and ensure there’s no clutter anywhere.

Tips on how to treat bed bugs

Wash affected laundry in hot water of at least 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  Have all carpets and rugs in your home steam cleaned. Using the hot water is as effective as a pesticide, and is done instead for safety in your home. Dismantle your furniture as much as possible, and clean the parts with disinfectant before reassembling. Take out all the drawers of dressers, empty, and disinfect them, also, before putting all items back in place. Another step on how to treat bed bugs is to thoroughly vacuum your home. This will rid them physically from carpets, rugs, crevices and corners. Scrape along crevices, also, to dislodge the pest. Make sure that you dispose of the vacuum bag when finished. Be sure that it is sealed!

Have a professional use heat treatment or use a pesticide

A last step in treating bed bugs is to inspect your home again, and check the previously infested locations. Have a professional come in and use the safe and effective bed bug heat treatment, or you can purchase an insecticide.

Use a proper insecticide

How to treat bed bugs with an insecticide means use one that will definitely eradicate bed bugs, without rash. Read the label! The form of the insecticide is irrelevant, whether spray, aerosol, or some type of powder.  Just ensure that you are using a specific insecticide for killing bed bugs.  Then, definitely follow the instructions precisely.

Once you have identified your pest as bed bugs, you will need to rid them as effectively and safely as possible. Heat is the recommended treatment for total eradication with safety. Pesticides are all right to use for exterminating the bed bugs, but caution must be taken. Now you know how to treat bed bugs. You can defeat this enemy, who was so unwelcome in your home.

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