Peg Perego High Chair

Peg Perego: The multipurpose high chair

Peg Perego High ChairThe most popular high chair in the Peg Perego high chair family is the 2010 Peg Perego Primer Pappa Diner Vinyl Chair. Quite a name there, isn’t it? This product is a unique diner with adjustable height. It comes with tilt – in – space comfort with twin trays that allow for swift cleaning. This high chair is so easy to fold and has a bit of high fashion stylistic aura about it. Peg Perego’s Prima Pappa Diner gives the perfect dining experience for toddlers and babies. For the parents, this high chair provides convenience for the parents as they do not need to fuss about their little one.

This high chair comes fully assembled and can be used right away without any extra installations. You do not need to worry about the chair’s colour too; the Peg Perego’s Pappa diner vinyl comes in many colour assortments, so you will have a choice to pick one that suits your home decor. This seat basically presents every quality which parents anticipate in a typical Peg Perego high chair. Better yet, the adjustable seat has 7 height adjustment points and a tilt – in – space that allows for reclining. A safety harness is also provided for and a restraint system is designed to keep hyperactive toddlers in check.

Desirable features of the Peg Perego High chair

A double tray with a dinner panel (dishwasher – safe) enhances easier cleaning and table feedings are no hassle to remove. There are non – scrape wheels made of rubber which fold easily when it is time to store the high chair. The wheels have brakes at the rear. Folding of this chair is so easy and compact it should be an exciting accessory to own. Its posh padding keeps the toddler very comfortable and safe. The adjustable youth chair caters for the baby’s rapid growth from infancy to toddler. For the safety – stickler parents, it would be worth mentioning that the Peg Perego high chair is JPMA certified for safety. By now of course you know Peg Perego High chairs are made in Italy.

Review: The Peg Perego Tatamia high chair

The Peg Perego high chair Tatamia is another multipurpose accessory that gives a grand dining setting. These high chairs for toddlers are preassembled, complete with a chic booster seat and an array of suitable colours befitting many layouts synonymous with upmarket homes. It serves the same purpose as a restaurant high chair. Like most Peg Perego high chairs, the Tatamia high chair is compact and folds smoothly. Therefore its storage should not be a huge concern for the buyer. And it comes at a very good price too, considering just how costly furniture has become lately. The chicco finishing applied to it most certainly does not do the high chair’s aesthetic value any harm at all. Apart from the Pappa Diner Vinyl high chair characteristics, the Tatamia high chair is made with the following desirable features;

  • Big castor wheels which are mark – resistant.
  • It comes with easy ultra compact folding functionality.