Restaurant High Chair

Restaurant High ChairYou may begin putting your child in a restaurant high chair at about the age of six- months. There are various brands that are supportive and safe for your toddler. It is essential, too, for the restaurant to keep the restaurant high chair well-maintained, clean and sanitary at all times. Continue reading to learn the best high chairs for your little one, and suggest it to your favorite restaurant if they don’t have it already.

Excellent restaurant high chair brands

Peg Perego high chair, Ikea Antilop, Stokke, Svan, Argington, and most wood chairs with the pyramid-shape- designed by Stephan Gip in the 60s- are superb restaurant high chairs brands. In the United States, the Fisher Price high chair is often used as a quality chair for children, toddlers and babies. One more uncommonly known use of a restaurant high chair is that if you turn it upside down, it will securely support a car seat effectively.

The wooden high chair thanks to Stefan Gip

In ’58, Stefan Gip pleasantly surprised the world with his Fun On Wheels, which was cleverly designed hardwood modular furniture-toy system that children could arrange in many creative ways: a toy car, a pair of children’s chairs, a cart, and a desk. Remarkably, he had a simple, sturdy, secure design for a wooden high chair that is a pyramid-shape. It has no tray, and even stacks. It easily wipes off as well, so with these ideal features, it is perfect for a restaurant high chair. The Fun On Wheels and Gip wooden chair are now still popular around the world.

The HandySitt is ideal as a high chair in a restaurant

The typical high chairs made for restaurants stacks, but reportedly takes up much more space that the HandySitt restaurant high chairs. It saves space because it folds up flat to hang up on the wall.  It is a booster seat, but it sits right up to the dining table along with the family, and buckles down the little child with straps like a high chair.  Another advantage of the HandySitt is that it doesn’t block the aisle like a traditional high chair. The seat cover easily removes for launderying.

The HandySitt is friendly on the environment

The manufacturer of the HandySitt builds it from 100% FSC-certified renewable birch.  It comes in various contemporary finishes, and coordinates with restaurant décor. This chair can fit in any themed restaurant as well, because of this product is a timeless model and neatral looks.

Often a restaurant high chair is very sturdy, with style, and from reputable companies. There have been many innovations since the functional and sturdy wood high chair designed by Stephan Gip in the early 60s.  With due respect to pioneering architect, many restaurants still use his stackable wooden style high chairs for toddlers all around the world. Today, fortunately, restaurants have many styles and colors from which to choose, and made of many different materials.  All this variety allows the owners to totally coordinate the safe, stylish high chairs with the rest of the furniture and interior.

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