Government Grants For Insulation

Introduction to insulation with government grants

If you are a United Kingdom citizen, you are eligible for government grants for insulation at 50% cost or more. This is whether you are a house owner or a tenant, and no matter your income. You are eligible for 100% if you meet certain eligibility requirements. This is an excellent incentive to insulate your home well.

Installation requirements to government grants

Around one-fourth of the heat from your home in the UK escapes through the roof, and more escapes through each wall without sufficient insulation. There should be least 27 cm insulation installed to the loft, between the joists and above. This grant can’t be offered if you have installed the insulation before approval from your application, or if you have not had it installed by an accredited installer. The scheme is to ensure you have insulated your home as much as possible, and to cut costs for you and your government. Also, it is to help your environment.

Requirements for the full 100% of the governments grants for insulation

Below is a list of requirements that allow you to determine if you qualify for free installation to your loft.  Even if you are not eligible for the full 100% of this grant, you may apply for a partial grant for 50 to 70%, or more.

  • Disability pension
  • Child tax credit
  • Disability living allowance
  • State pension credit
  • War disability pension
  • Industrial injuries disability benefit
  • Working family tax credit

The Home Energy Saving Programme – Insulation grants UK

As of September 11, 2008, the Prime Minister of the UK proclaimed a way to assist people with their fuel bills. This programme is an incentive for you to make your home as energy efficient as possible, and also to save you money on your utility bill. For information, call the help line at 0800 512 012.

Why you should use the government grants for insulation

When you install wall and loft insulation with rock wool or other approved insulation, you possibly could save about £270 annually on your utility bill. You will make your family more comfortable; reduce the emission of CO2 into the atmosphere, and save precious energy. You with no insulation be helping yourself, your family, and the environment. There are about 7.5 million UK homes with no insulation in their wall spaces, and 13 million with less than 12cm of loft insulation.  It is worth the price to all concerned for spray insulation in all cavities of your walls and the loft. Thanks to this the cost of spray foam insulation will be reachable for many citizen.

How you can obtain government grants for insulation

To learn more about obtaining government grants for insulation products like Rockwool and installation services just call the Energy Saving Trust at 0800 512 012. Free advice is provided about saving energy, as well as other grants and schemes for which you can apply.

Are you eligible for government grants for insulation if you have already applied insulation to your home? If you have applied insulation to your home, you still will reduce your utility costs significantly by making valuable energy changes. There are other energy savings likely, so you can still call 0800 512 012 for cost-cutting information toward your energy bill. You may also be able to obtain other energy saving grants, such as heating controls, or renewable energy technologies. You may still have cavity wall insulation problems for which there is assistance.

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