Insulation installers

The person whom you contract as one of your insulation installers can help you in many ways to find the type of insulation that best fits your home and will help save you money while keeping your home at a more even temperature.There are many kinds of insulation that are used and each one has their own purpose and ways that they are installed.

A few types of insulation are;

    • Blanket- Fiberglass, natural fibers, plastic. Easy to install
    • Solid type Foam board- polyurethane, polystyrene
    • Loose-fill- Fiberglass, mineral rock

These are just a few of the kinds you can use in your home or business. Insulation can help your home become more energy efficient while keeping it comfortable and saving you around 20% in heating and cooling costs. Even if your home has already been insulated, it may still need an upgrade because many products used after years of use can settle or become thinner than they originally were. A certified contractor can come into your home and evaluate it to see if you may need an upgrade and what the R-value is which means how effective the insulation is to stop the heat loss. The greater the R- values the better the insulation. It depends where you live for which R-value insulation you may need. Many people live in the colder regions and need a higher value than someone in a year round warmer climate needs. Sound proofing is another reason to add insulation because people do not want their homes filled with outside traffic or noise. The best insulation for attic depends on what your climate is. Often recommended is loose fit because it provides complete coverage all around and it costs less. Many consumers opt to have insulation sprayed into their home because it expands when installed and covers many unreachable leaks. Many energy loss areas are cavity walls and doorways spray insulation can fill these areas completely. Rolled insulation can be used to fill a cavity wall, but the work required is much more intense.

Insulation installers for timber framed homes

Spray foam insulation kits can be purchased and used for small cavities that need to be filled, but they are messy and sometimes can be dangerous depending on what chemicals are used. A licensed contractor can do the job that is needed to be done quickly, efficiently and without any worry or stress on your part. One fourth of the heat lost in a home is through the roof so insulating your attic or loft is very important as well as areas around light fixtures, air ducts, and window frames. A timber frame can have many more leaks than any other frame because timber can shrink and settle, but there are high quality insulation options on the market today that will help you in your quest to be more energy efficient and comfortable. Spray insulation or panel insulation are two types of insulations that are often used in a timber home.

UK insulation Installers

The UK (United Kingdom) has many insulation installers that can do excellent jobs of insulating your home. The UK government has set up standards and outlines for their insulation installers to follow to help the home or business owner receive the best quality of care that they deserve. The control of the R-value are listed in their regulations along with the efficiency standards of things like boilers, heating units, controls for heating appliances and more. This gives the consumer some ease, as they know when they hire a contractor that the work will be done by standards and legal guidelines. The one way to make sure the best job is done possible when it comes to insulating your home is through an insulation installer they know what they are doing and can help you become energy efficient and comfortable through all seasons.

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