Spray foam insulation kits

Spray foam insulation kits will help keep the hot or cold air outside of the home from coming in. Professionals originally did this type of insulation but now kits are available and used often so that homeowners can do the work themselves.

What may be included in a spray insulation kit?

  • A kit contains some of all of the following:
    • Foam in pressurized steel canisters
    • Fire proof insulation
    • Mask, gloves and goggles
    • Hose gun
    • Spray fan tips
    • Complete instructions, tips and a 800 hotline

These are some of the things the spray foam insulation kits may include so that you can do it yourself and save on blown in insulation cost. Green foam may be used and this indicates to you are the ingredients are mixed together with the right amounts creating a green color. Foam that does not mix and turn to another color cannot show you that it is mixed correctly. There are different types of foams that are used for blown insulation but Styrofoam is one of the leading types that are commonly used and the R-value is usually very high and efficient.

How can you save by doing it yourself?

You can save up to 20% of your heating costs by making sure that the attic, walls, windows, doors, outlets and other areas where heat can leak out and cold can leak are completely sealed. Your roofing area is a huge part of your energy loss, insulating your attic, crawl space or loft is very important. Heat rises and with a foam insulation installed there, you can keep the heat down below where it belongs. You also save on insulation costs when you buy spray foam insulation kits that you have when you hire insulation installers, which can be very pricey. Doing it yourself may be a slightly risky choice but many people feel confident and successfully take the project on. If you are someone who is, detail oriented and determined to learn then doing it yourself is a good option. Reading all the instructions and following, each tip will help you succeed. There are many pros and cons for insulation DIY projects.

Pros of DIY spraying foam insulation kits

    • Least expensive insulation
    • You do not pay insulation installation chargers
    • Covers everything completely
    • Easy to do and get right the first time
    • Hardens and fills gaps
    • Fill leak thanks to the polyurethane foam
    • You are in control
    • Do it when you want to

Cons of DIY spray foam insulation kits

    • Large projects can be more expensive and difficult
    • Can be messy and clean up
    • You have to expose of the canisters
    • You must order the kit or find somewhere to purchase it
    • You have to do all the work yourself
    • You have to make sure safety precautions are taken

The choice to do it yourself or hire someone is yours and it depends on how confident that you can do the job correctly and thoroughly. The difference in the materials used by you or the contractor is minimal it is the labor that you are really deciding on, each contractor uses almost the same spray foam insulation kits. What can make the difference to you may be the amount of research you do to find out the ins and outs of doing it yourself. This information can help you to be well informed and make the correct decision that you want and need. The costs of a do it yourself kit is much lower than hiring someone who is using similar materials. If you have a very large area or a difficult area to insulate than contractors may be your best choice, it all depends on how big the project is and how confident you feel. One way to gain the confidence is to ask people who have done it themselves and listen to their comments. Finding out if the company that sends you the DIY kit has an open phone line so that you can get advice at all times will help. Many websites can aid you in your search and job of using a foam insulation kit.