Sonic mouse repellent

How to get rid of mice and rats

You may be wondering how to get rid of mice, rats, or other rodents in your house, business, apartment, garage, workshop, or attic. For that matter, you may wish to get rid of these pests in all of these locations in a safe, effective, and clean way. Though there are many solutions available, some as simple and readily available as simply setting a trap, there is now sonic mouse repellent. You may have one pest, or several that have decided to invade your peace of mind by making your home their home, as well. With the invention and improvement of new technologies throughout the past decade or so, sonic mouse repellent has become an excellent option. They come packaged as an electronic device that you can plug in to a standard wall outlet, much like an air freshener, and work on a simple principle.

How Does It Work?

Sonic mouse repellent devices are more humane than a standard trap, in that they do not kill the mice or rats that you are trying to get rid of. This also cuts down on the clean up time, for the more squeamish. Instead, the electronic device sends out an ultrasonic wave which is entirely inaudible to humans. By driving the pests away, you are keeping your home under control and away from the inconvenience of an infestation, while simultaneously keeping away from the guilt of killing an animal. Speaking of which, this device is clearly safer for pets than having to find safe locations to place rat poison or conventional traps. More than one pet has been killed by the use of poisons in the effort to rid a home of a mouse or rat infestation. Sonic mouse repellent is usually inexpensive due to it not being such a new product, and it does not only work on mice or rats. Rather, the ultrasonic waves are generally effective on many different types of rodents that make bothersome pests out of themselves. There are even some similar models that work on insects, driving them from your home in much the same way. Without having to squash a single one, without having to place poison, and without having to clean up the mess afterward.


If you are looking for an inexpensive and humane way to get rid of pests in any area of your home or business, and you have an empty wall socket available, you can purchase sonic mouse repellent. You may even be able to find some of them that are powered by batteries, and that work on other types of pests. They are not the most electronically sophisticated devices, so finding a model that operates on battery power is a distinct possibility, and the need to replace batteries would not be a very common exercise. So, for the safety of your pets, your family, your sanity, and your belongings, sonic mouse repellent is a great investment that requires a minimal dedication of effort and time to obtain, set up, and use.