Morphy richards vacuum cleaners

The Morphy Richards vacuum cleaners vary greatly in style and price. They come in upright and canister styles, bag and bagless, with a price between usually £65 and £125. There’s one for every size of home and budget. Every new appliance that Morphy Richards makes is top quality, and with a fine two-year warranty. The Morphy Richards slow cooker and generator iron are only a few more of the top quality appliances offered. Both the slow cooker and Morphy Richards generator review were the five-star rating, like the S73335, which will be highlighted here. Find out why any Morphy Richards product is the best!

The S73335 with a 24-month warranty

The S73335 Morphy Richards vacuum cleaner comes in a box to be easily assembled. It has complete and clear instructions for assembling on a card; with a company contact should any part ever be missing. There is a 24-month guarantee. Morphy Richards stands behind its products, with a fine reputation on product and service.

The S73335 Morphy Richards vacuum cleaners are the best

The Morphy Richards vacuum cleaners all have excellent suction, with several height settings for floor to thick carpet.  One of the finest vacuums among the Morphy Richards vacuum cleaners is the S73335 according to reviews. Other than some saying it’s a bit heavy, it deep-cleans carpet thoroughly, is easy to empty, with excellent accessories. The only complaint was that it was a tad heavy.

Features of the S73335 Morphy Richards vacuum cleaners:

  • Upright bagless cleaner, glossy black finish and silver accent
  • Clear dirt level indicator window on front
  • Cleans wood floor and carpet with five height settings, adjusted by turning a knob
  • 2000 watt and 7-meter power cord
  • Washable filter with a 2.7 liter capacity for debris
  • Edge cleaning with a side function
  • Four meter stretch hose, and 3 nozzle attachment tools: crevice, upholstery and turbo that store on the vacuum, except for the turbo
  • Although a little heavy, at 8. 9 kg, it is easy to carry thanks to its balance and ergo-designed handle

The attachments are very useful

The hose is 4 meters long, and the power cord is 7 meters long. It’s easy to carry around, so vacuuming stairs, and taking upstairs is easy.  The turbo tool is a great little invention. It attaches to the end of the hose and works like a mini-vacuum. There’s an eco-switch that turns power down, and allows you to clean curtains and light items. This also reduces your electric bill.

Conclusion about vacuum cleaners by Morphy Richards

The S73335 is an excellent product, as are the steam generator iron and slow cooker. Should you need to shop for a spare, there’s a Morphy Richards dealer nearby. You can check for your neighborhood dealer and shop online. They have a reputation for excellent service that matches the quality of their fine products. So beside the famous irons by Morphy Richards our  conclusion is that also the Morphy Richards vacuum cleaners means quality! The upright vacuum by Morphy Richards is superb, and has a lot of power compared to the price you pay. If you would like to know more about the iron by Morphy Richards have a look at this steam generator iron review for everything you want to know.

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